Weekend to forget

My. Poor wife went silly this weekend we was planning our weekend then she threw a cup at the TV and damaged it then she done damage to herself with her wrist police and paramedics was called they arrived and manage to sort her by doing first aid to her then straight to hospital then kept her calm got home later in the day then Sunday wasn't easy she threw my phone my drinks bottle and broke her glasses then managed to get some sleep hope they can help her today get her meds correct cause we can't go on like this

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  • Sending me best wishes.



  • The police have taken her to junction road to the mental health team going to assess. Her I think she needs to go in to get help before she does any more damage to property and her self

  • How awful for you both. It sounds like she needs to be in hospital until they can get her meds sorted. Are you ok? Let us know what happens please. x

  • Better the TV than you or herself. She is showing that she has some restraint by only damaging inanimate objects. There is clearly some deep seated frustration here. Before you get her drugged up can you ask her what is the problem and really listen to the answers. What is she trying to get across that you are not getting? If she cannot talk to you, see if you can find someone she can talk to.