Feel very low

i know there are others like me out there like me .i hate talking about my problem but i just don't know what else to do . I don't go outside my front door and i get very bad anxiety attacks. Which makes me feel like I'm going to be sick and the Depression Makes me feel that I can't do anything , its makes me feel even worse.I just want to get better and do things in life ,I'm getting anywhere I just need Help 😑

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  • You want to do better...that is a great step in the right direction. Do you suffer from agoraphibia or did you have to deal with some trauma? I had a therapist who let me email him or call. Maybe one near you will do the same. Please, see or call your GP. If you can't go out, come to this site for some fresh air!

  • You can do whatever you want despite depression. One has to fight against it and it is not easy I know. I wear the fight T-shirt daily. Make small steps to change what is not conducive to your wellbeing and they will soon add up to giant leaps

  • Hi Juju

    I am really sorry to hear this, it is especially sad when you are so artistic and creative. I don't know a lot about agoraphobia, but when my depression is very bad I tend to not want to go out and it always makes me worse.

    I don't know your circumstances so I apologise is my suggestions are not suitable for you.

    Could you;

    1) get to your GP, and look trying to get a bit of therapy, even just getting on the list might be good

    2) have a look for support groups in your local area

    3) Book a cab to take you somewhere nice and open but with people, say a local park and have already booked the return so you know that you will get back soon

    Just some thoughts, hope you can beat this, it is not fair.

    Sending you a hug, Matt

  • i was like this recently and started therapy and on my 3rd session. already i am contacting family members again who i have not socialised much with in years. i still find it hard to open up to my dr how i really feel but it you can self refer (took me months to manage that as well) then it is worth it in the end. i much prefer the idea of curling up under a blanket away from the world even though i have kids to look after some of the time but it is a daily struffle. i am glad i foudn this place and i hope you can slowly get help too - deep breath and be brave............

  • Your local iapt /talking therapies will normally let you do phone or email counselling and you can self refer to them. I'm sure if you google it you will find one for your area and they will be able to help you. They often don't have too long a wait list either. If not there are some charities that also do phone counselling so I hope you can find someone who can help you. Good luck 😄

  • Hello feel very low

    Just keep talking to us we are here listening you are not alone please keep talking , it helps

  • Hi juJu43. I know exactly what you mean about getting panic attacks about going out, and the depression making it so much more difficult.

    Apparently there is a No Panic helpline, which I have not tried, but I was told it could be helpful for dealing with panic attacks. I have mislaid the number, but you might be able to find it on a search engine.

    Can you drive and do you feel safe when you are in your car? If so, and you can manage to park directly outside your house, I can let you know a trick I use to start getting outside the front door.

    Do you have a garden, or other enclosed outside space where you can go and still feel safe? If so, try going out there for short periods, so you are at least getting some air.

    Keep hanging in there. You will get though it. I am sure you, like many of us, have been there before and have come through to a slightly better place. That will happen this time as well.

    Keep talking to us here. You are not alone.


  • Hello juju

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling so down please keep talking to us , I don't feel too bad today but we all on this site experience bad days sometimes they last longer like yourself at the moment , , , try to find some small things to do then just keep going , , , if you can't sleep count numbers but before you do start with your chin and relax the muscles just beneath then the muscles below your mouth then either side in your cheeks then your top lip and either side then your nose muscles and under your eyes then your eyes and eyebrows and forehead and front scalp muscles progress slowly over and down to your neck then start to count numbers as high as you want failing this start again but image each number in your mind but all in a different colour

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