Meds mix up

Not having a good day with the wife with her bipolar what accendtly give the night time pill in the morning then giving the choice what do the her saying haven't done this or that or not offering chocolate when she can get it herself now moaning about a top I put in for wash what she wore for 2 days I told it won't take long to wash and dry feel like giving up some times but no I will keep going , half the cause of all this is she come off diazepam an olazapine but on haloperidol 5mg in the morning 3mg at lunch and 5 mg at night plus 30 mg of Mirtazapine as well just hope she just chill down and get some sleep


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  • I know the role of caregiver is a tough one, but however bad you feel, your wife probably feels a hundred times worse. Would you be able to get someone to stay with her a few hours a week so you can get out and still have some time for yourself? Take care, Pam

  • Had to get police out cause she said something unlocked the door went out in her bear feet and in her pjs then found quickly brought her home had enough of this at the moment she is giving me a hard time at the moment she is being stubin at the moment plus she is being sarcastic has well saying like you had all those sweets and so on

  • I know how hard it can be and you are really being a good husband by doing all this for her. Talk to her and tell hwr try to be patient with you although bipolar patients may still be the same. Be strong because if she is sufferring with this she cant help it and she needs you.

  • So far so she got up early to get breath back at the window made sure she is ok then she went back too bed been asleep for a while I got up done what needed to be done with everything i.e. The breakfast , feed and walked the dog now relaxing on the sofa before starting the next stage hopefully it will be a good day has it sour wedding anniversary 13 years of marriage Ok it hasn't run smooth that's what true love is ,