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The Enchilada

The Enchilada

It’s absolutely how your cards were dealt, as well as how you play your hand. Saying the truth makes the institution, as well as yourself, grow personally and professionally. Exactly the way software updates and operating systems flip from good to bad (we always hope for the good but don’t always get it!), so does the institution. Institutions, like apps, are designed. You are not completely the reason your life sucks so much. That is the whole enchilada!

How you play your hand:

▪ Learn, gain skills and combine them in creative ways!

▪ Be fully present and committed to one task——it’s indispensable!

▪ Flaunt failure. Embrace it. Love it. At least you tried something!

▪ Say yes only to things that support your goals.

▪ Sacrifice a bit of instant gratification.

▪ Stay away from toxic people

▪ Limit your social media and television

▪ Watch documentaries

▪ Be realistic. You are not Superman or Supergirl. It is a fact that there is limited time and limited opportunities (opportunity = a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something.) Career opportunities are simply a game of numbers. There’s no magic behind it. In all organizations, there is a small number of senior positions (executives, directors, managers), and a VERY LARGE NUMBER of not-so-great, more meaningless positions. This simple reality is the reason for major depression in the United States. People are told repeatedly “you can have this senior position with money and status, if you just try hard enough!” It’s those people in senior positions that keep promoting this highly destructive propaganda that destroys a person’s mental and moral qualities. Because by doing so, they preserve the existing state of affairs—a class system where everyone is not “equal.” Next time you run into an article that proclaims, “you are the cause of your low income and status”, remind yourself it’s deceptive propaganda, and doesn't take in the whole enchilada. ;)

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In essence you have set yourself up for failure without feeling responsible for it . Paranoia comes to mind. I'm wondering if you are depressed, and if so maybe an inner search would be helpful. The hardest battles are always in our head. Pam


Pam, being pro-active, educating yourself, gaining skills, no matter what background you came from, is imperative. You call this paranoia and setting yourself up for depression? Please clarify.


I will try. I have done those things myself and understand the work and dedication involved . Any successes or failures I have had I see as my own and not the responsibility of a conspiracy of society . Depression would come from ones reaction and response to adversity. Not everyone has a depressive response to difficulty, otherwise we would all be depressed. Also there are various medical conditions that may cause depression, I noticed in one post you asked the benefits of having a family or not. The reason for families is the perpetuation of society . Would you call that a conspiracy ? I do enjoy these discussions and don't take offence, so if you don't agree with me, let me have it. Pam

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I wish this philosophy would cure my depression. I think it is a lot more complicated than that - at least it is for me.


Coughalot2, depression is not complicated. It is the result of growing up in a stressful environment. Humans will flourish when they start living in a friendlier environment where everyone is entrusted the same value. Humans will flourish like wild plants on the banks of a lake. The conditions will allow rapid development and success. ;)


Well I would like to live like that, but I'm not holding my breath. Pam



I respectfully disagree that depression is not complicated. I'm sure many psychiatrists would say depression can be and IS complicated and complex.

I think we should all be mindful that there are significant differences between our societies (USA & UK). Also an approach that works for some, doesn't work for all. If there was a 'one size fits all' cure, we'd all be cured, but sadly that's not the case.

I think it's positive to share something which has worked for you, as it may help others. But please be mindful that we are not all motivated in the same way.

Kind regards, Catmag.

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