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christmas day something different

Hello everyone

Hope you all had as good as day as possible me personally was dreading it as it is the 1st xmas without my mum and partner i really didnt know how i would cope i did it day by day little bit by little bit like put tree up 1 day shopping list etc etc i have a friend who is going through the loss of her mum so she told me to try it and got to say it did help yes there was days when i thought i was going to crack and days when i did but got the day over in the end

The best present i got that day was a star and it was called The Dell Carthy Star and my sister got a star as well but she got The Margarett Robinson star we both had a good ole cry when we got them but OMG what a lovely present to get and also a great gift to give some one

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Aw that is so nice, when you feel lonely you can look to the stars and see your one twinkling brightly for you to see 🌟🌟🌟

All the best for 2017 x


My sympathies. I'm glad you got the stars.


Aww that's so lovely . I too miss my mum and dad. New Year's Eve is a big no no for me . Sorry for your loss . So glad you have your stars 🌠🌠


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