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Second Guessing Yourself

Hi there, newbie here. In all honesty, I don't know if I am depressed or bipolar as I've never been formally diagnosed, but with a tough year due to work and personal issues I ended up breaking down last week. I do find myself flitting between not feeling much use to people and being angry at those people for not having time for me. I would like to know how to go about getting myself diagnosed if something is up though, before it escalates, as I've had a history of self harm. What's the best way to handle things, what do I tell a GP?

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Hello. I am sorry that you're going through a tough time.

You tell the GP what you've told us. You then request a referral to a psychiatrist who will diagnose you. You might also be offered meds by the psychiatrist. You ALSO ask your GP for a referral to a psychologist for some CBT. It's vital you do this since meds alone are generally not the answer.

You need to get certain things off your chest so if you have no-one to vent to, this forum is a good alternative. If there's a mental health care line you can call, then I also suggest you use that.

Things will get better but you must to be proactive and positive in your approach.

Best wishes!


Tell them exactly how you feel I suffer with depression due to my illness, I feel the same as you described in your post . I can't get out to visit friends and so they have given up on me, now I haven't got any friends. Good luck with your GP .


Hi there Crash85 and Welcome to Action on Depression, we're very pleased to have you join us. I'm sure our friendly members will reply soon.



You need to understand the reasons why you are Depressed so you need to explain your fears to your GP and He may refer you on to a CPN . They will explain any options that may be of assistance. You need to come to terms and understand what happened to cause this. then you can move on. Medications may be given

Make an appointment with your GP

If needed we are here to give support



Well, your friends here won't stop coming around. We're here for you.


Tell your GPs exactly how you feel and the thought process you have to be honest


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