Anyone else struggle with sleep?

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone else has a pretty horrible sleep pattern? I'm off work at the moment so shifts aren't an issue. Unsure if it's the medication or just me. Probably a mixture of both. Anyways, this forum is awesome. This is only my second post and know already everyone here is out for the greater good! Ta much, Dave


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6 Replies

  • Yes dave200486 I am sure there are many like you with a dodgy sleep pattern .. I am one fot a start .. Shift work can mess up the sleep regime .. It by far the best medicine for us .. Everyone here has good rapport and I am proud to be part of it

  • I have just read your first post to get an idea about you and your life style. I would like to know if you have worked on your alcohol consumption. I ask this as the demon drink can have such an effect on the way we sleep especially when drank regularly. It can also contribute to the way we feel not only about ourselves but the world around us too

  • I had bad sleeping , my body clock was well out of sync. I had to start working nights. My hcv has been treated now and my body clock is about normal now.

  • Sleep can be a rotten problem many of us have, we need coping techniques to help us awake in a refreshed and positive way.

    All i do is try and relax before bed, never eat or drink after half past eight in the evening as you will be unable to digest it before sleep

    You seem to have the additional problem of night shifts and this can cause many sleep problems as you have to reset your body clock at various times.

    I use Relaxation Techniques, although my system is different. the main one at this time is Mindfulness, that is for life changes and relaxation you can get the books at Amazon and your GP may also have tapes that can also help as well


  • I have bad insomnia ! Drives me crazy ! 😩😩😩. Yet I am so tired around midnight , I go to bed then can't sleep so I get up yet again and I am awake till 5 am 🙄

  • I think the awnser lay's in the old adage of , you'll sleep when you're tired enough. You're probably in a situation of no real routine so just go with the flow, so to speak. Your body only needs x amount of sleep, resting suffices.

    All the best.