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Light in my darkness


It's that time of year again and I just can't get into the spirit, I know this is a problem for a lot if not all on here so I just wanted to share something's that made me smile yesterday.

I had a shopping delivery and my lovely children decided to help (in there own way) my eldest she's 15 decided she was going to throw the toilet rolls upstairs a 24 pack, unfortunately she didn't quite release in time the toilet rolls came out of the bag and cascaded back down the stairs, she then spend 10 mins throwing individual rolls up, walked up stairs picked them up one by one and put them away, when she came back down I was crying with laughter and said bet you wish you had just carried them up in the first place, she shrugged and said at least I got some exercise, the other one from yesterday was my 14 month old has a thing about cupboards yesterday he found a lime, he took a bite before I could stop him, you can imagine his face, it didn't stop him from having another go though.

Most of my smiles come from my children and I thank God every day for them. It seems that when I'm at my lowest they do the daftest things.

Merry Christmas to all

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My son said to me. Tell the doctor everything about your depression. I said I would warts and all. He said oh have you got warts? youll need a separate appointment for that. He once told me not to burst a pipe going to work if I was ill. He is 26 xxxx

You are lucky to have your children and so therefore, cherish them and enjoy every single minute with them .. They are a special gift in life that not everyone can have. I have given birth twice but am an estranged mother .. Each day hurts more and more. Please go hug your children and play like you have never played before with them :) Hope you all have a most special Christmas ever

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