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Not sure what to do


Hi, I have felt the same way for at least 3 months and it doesn't seem to ever end. I am down all the time, I have several uni deadlines which Im struggling to meet, and dont feel I have the ability anymore to meet uni standards. I find myself constantly using my casual job as an excuse for not doing uni work when I dont even work many hours. It doesnt help that my parents only see a 2;2 as a "drinkers degree" and continually say it, when all i can see myself getting is a 2;2 or less. I have a weight problem which is getting worse by the day, as I am eating way too much, but again i have no will power to stop. another thing is I have wanted to stop smoking for years and although I have cut down slightly, I still cant get any will power to stop, despite having to hide it from parents and that added pressure. Im sick of the expectations, and lack of energy to do anything useful. Ive not been in to my gp but took the online nhs test which says I have a score of 21. I dont know how to explain it to my GP if i did go.

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Well it's s common scenario of low mood low motivation poor lifestyle and now the question will be how motivated are you to change?

Certainly go and see your GP to consider, medication, counselling, lifestyle stuff, smoke stop, diet, exercise.

On line have a look at Mood Gym

Good like. It's hard work but will benefit your future hugely!

A 2:2 a drinkers degree?! I got a 3rd! To achieve degree level education is an achievement in itself.

hi horizon 123, I feel for you because I too struggled with motivation to get essays done at times. I found that if I began to research the Autumn papers at the end of May, all I had to do was add stuff learned in class and lectures. This took a whole load off my shoulders and I could enjoy the course without being overwhelmed. When I have too much going on it seems to paralyse me and I really have to dig deep to get motivated again. If you are always ahead, you will find your grades go up because you have time to do that bit extra re-search for your papers.

As for giving up smoking, what they don't tell you is that you will baloon in weight. Maybe you could try an e- ciggy instead. It has a lot of benefits such as a[ it is better for your health], b[ you don't smell of nicotine, c[ you can often smoke them indoors]. Best of all its a lot cheaper.

I would never suggest a 2:2 is a drinkers degree, but I did read a few months ago that now so many people have degrees, employers often only consider just 2:1 and above. So, you really need to spend your holiday getting ahead, then if you hit a wall of depression, you have a good buffer.

Best of luck.

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