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Lamictal advice

Hi all

So I started on Lamictal a couple of weeks ago and after a lot of back pain initially this seems to have eased off at last (until the next increase no doubt).

The party season starts next week and I have some work parties etc. My problem is that I normally take my tablet at bedtime but obviously I'll be out at this time. I will be having a few drinks (although kerbing it) but I'm a bit stuck on what to do about taking my normal dose. I'm thinking of moving the time I take the tablets to an hour earlier every day so that by the time I go out I'll be taking my daily dose at around 4pm, but then I'm worried I'm be too sleepy to go out.

Does anyone have any experience or tips?

Many thanks

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Thought I'd post so you know people aren't ignoring you. I have no experience with Lamictal at all though I m afraid. Could you perhaps consult your doctor?

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No its fine, I know it's a funny one and obviously none of you are doctors 😁

I guess I'm going to have to see what she says.

Thank you.

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Good luck! And I hope you enjoy your work party.

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