Hi not a good day today

Hi guys just a quick update I had an appointment with crisis team this morning which lasted all of 7 minutes, they have discharged me which his really got to me, I'm not ready to b discharged and they said they have noticed a slight difference so do not think I need to be seen again and they gave me a leaflet and said I need to self refer to cbt, thing is last Saturday I told the guy I met from the team I had felt extremely low the last few days before hand and had some bad thoughts, then suddenly I'm discharged, I feel like I've been let down, like I've been kicked when I'm already down.


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  • P.

    If you are at risk please call the NHS Helpline on 111, they will Triage and decide your best way forward, including Crisis Team and Hospital, Place of Safety.

    You can also ask to be removed to a place of Safety (Voluntary). If you are in DANGER. A Section


  • Phil

    They may be right and they may be wrong only you know how you feel but this is just one door that has closed and it does not mean it cannot open again.

    So...BOB is right if you feel in danger. Also after 6:30 and on the weekend breathing spaces is good as it is staffed by counsellors who can interact with you unlike the Samaritans who are active listeners.

    Probably back to the doctor again to get refered for CBT or other talking therapy sessions.

    Only a couple of weeks ago I was still having regular suicidal thoughts and it was hell, things did change for me. I have been getting some counselling am on 100mg of sertraline daily and am on reduced hours at work. The biggest change that I have recently made is getting a solid morning routine and it has helped set me up for the day.

    5:30am - up, straight out of bed, glass of water, cup of tea and chill

    6:00am - walk dog

    6:30am - proper breakfast, make lunch

    7:00am - wash etc, spend 5 minutes going over what I will do in the day.

    7:30am - off to work or whatever

    I try to do this on the weekends and most importantly do not beat myself up if I slip from time to time.

    Might be worth a try as a starting point. I am now trying to sort an evening routine which I am finding tougher but one day at a time.

    People are here for you, and will be out in the world, as hard as it is you have to keep on trying, but it is okay fall down every now and again.

    Look after yourself, Matt

  • This too has happened to me. They discharged me without giving me the care they said they would. The reason being for this is that they do not have the resources I feel. It is not good as people need this service. We are left to contend with it ourselves. I am at a loss at the moment as to who I can talk to as I so need to chat about stuff. It is driving me insane.

  • I agree, I don't think crisis teams have anywhere near enough resources to be able to cope with the number of people who need support. Obviously that's of little comfort to those if us who are being let down and failed though. I don't understand how crisis teams can discharge anyone without referring them on to a cmht though. Surely there has to be a gradual stepping down in the level of support that a person receives, rather than being open to the crisis team one day and then discharged a couple of days later with no ongoing support arrangements in place? That just sounds like a recipe for another crisis episode.

  • The positive thing is that they have assessed you as being in lower need of their services than others. Crisis teams are usually only allowed to keep clients for a couple of weeks or so.

    Computer cbt is available through mood gym.

    Chatting on here may help as you are doing.

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