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Newly diagnosed-bipolar 2?


Hi everyone, I was recently diagnosed with bipolar 2, after many many episodes of depression that seemed to have no true cause. I am hoping my psychologist is right so I can get some relief and get on a different medication. I just wanted to hear from others what their experience was with this disorder? I have been having symptoms for so long, but he says this one often goes undiagnosed as it masks as other things.

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Hélio Kelsruby, I am bi polar1 bus my son is bispolar2. Once you have diagnosis then you can start to rebuild your life. My son was given some medication which made him worse, he takes Sertraline for his anxiety. The main thing is you will now get support from professionals, I know when my son is ill but I cannot help him with his medication as I am not a pyschiastrist, . Bi polar 2 is difficult to spot but truthfully it is NOT difficult to manage, rest assured you will receive support now and soon be feeling normal again. Hope I have helped, Helen.

Hi Helen thanks so much for the encouraging words. The doctor also said once you find the right treatment for it things will actually be much easier. I am hopeful but I think I have a hard time trusting if he is right or even right with the diagnosis because I have been suffering so long with no answer. But I will try hard to stay hopeful.

Hello, I don't have a diagnosis but my CPN is talking about exploring bipolar 2 or bpd. I also have repeated bouts of depression with no apparent cause but mine can last anything from a few hours to a few weeks. It's a constant struggle!

If this helps you Kelsruby some symptoms of bi polar are:- spending money, having delusion's of grandeur, being euphoric, feeling worthless, exaggerating, taking on too much then getting anxious. Helen xx

I do not get what is described as Bipolar 1 manic. I'll have 2 weeks of energy, productivity, and motivation, then I'll drop like a stone (from fatigue) for 3 weeks. It's scary and frustrating. I thought I might have PMDD, then I thought maybe OCD. The trouble is, when I finally feel better, I have so much of my life to catch up on, I "forget" about the depressive episodes. It seems I am either in denial or it's too stressful to face when I'm finally feeling good. When I'm feeling good, my subconscious thinks, "Oh maybe this time, the elevated mood will finally stick."

kelsruby90 in reply to EmmyLoop

This rings true for me too. I feel like trying to track my moods, anxiety, everything feels confusing because sometimes it feels like they all run together. I actually have OCD as well which can exacerbate my bipolar 2 when I have episodes at the same time. Have you ever experienced a lot of anxiety directly after a depressive episode? I am just now realizing how anxious I feel now that the sadness and hopelessness has lifted.

EmmyLoop in reply to kelsruby90

I'm sure I have, especially if I spent the sad time beating myself up for it. That is something I'll have to pay more attention to. I know I have definitely mistaken anxiety for sadness, which caused a downward spiral into hopelessness.

I have also thought about keeping a mood diary. I feel like I'm having a lucid moment, regarding my stark mood charges right now, but I'm not always clear about the ups and downs. I want to look for a new psychiatrist who specializes in Bipolar, but I've had some bad experiences in the past and I'm quite fearful.

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