Ears feel like going to explode and have to get in the fresh air


Does anyone get severe panic attacks in a room full of people especially in an office environment, feel like they are going to vomit and ears feel like they are going to pop. I think I should see a doctor as it's not going away, plus an nat has bitten me several times, this might have make me have this funny turn

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  • I used to have something similar, felt like a panic attack and I thought it was just because I didn't want to go to work but it was actually a sinus infection

  • Thanks, I have been bitten at work 6 times by a nat but I feel strange after it

  • I have experienced this many times Angelmarrow141 I put it down to too much stimuli .. Busy environment with is all going on plus anxiety issues make it all consuming ..not nice at all

  • Sometimes yes, although I do not vomit, with me I am ok on the computer, although I am unable to use a telephone.

    Go and see your GP and explain your fears if not already


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