The speakmans

Hi everyone, for anyone who hasn't heard of these people you may find it helpful to subscribe to there YouTube channel. They will be posting videos on Mondays and Thursdays covering many subjects including lots of anxiety problems. They are amazing people and my heroes. They are incredibly positive and have just come back from America after teaching there techniques over there. They are exceptionally talented people and cured many people. Worth a look, may just help some of you.

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  • Yes I have seen them Angep on This Morning and they do so help so many people .. They are incredible :)

  • I haven't come across these before, so thanks very much for letting us know about this :)

  • I shall definitely give it a go. I'll try anything

  • Just had a look at their stuff. They are clearly very successful financially and have somehow managed to get lots of self promoting tv coverage such that seem to have become like religious cult figures, even though they have no academic qualifications, but are 'life coaches' with a background as a financial advisor and estate agent (professions that sell a dream, but guarantee an income for the agent)

    I think their motivation is financial and status and money is very important in their lives and they portray themselves as miracle healers.

    Is there any real data to show they are any better than other lifestyle coaches or psychologists or they just anther couple on the 'positive thinking' band wagon?

  • From my point of view and the results I've seen on them working with people they really do change people's lives, apparently no one else has used there practices because they found there own ways to treat people.i understand they are now teaching others so they can help more people.obviously it is up to each individual to make up their own minds as to how they feel about there work.they do have there own website showing people they have worked with, particularly with ptsd, a soldier and a policeman were two of the people featured on there. I don't think you have to have an academic background to be able to help people, some people can have qualifications coming out of there ears but it didn't mean they are good at there job!! As for financial gain, unless you've won the lottery we all have to earn money to live.i get paid for looking after people. Not the kind of money they earn of course but I haven't learned there skills! 25years I've looked after others but it was never about the money because it's what I wanted to do but I still needed to be paid I've shared the information because if they can help someone on here then it's been worth me mentioning it. It's tickled me a bit goldfish because I've often said !!! Here we go!! Another day in paradise!!! To which I was told I was a cynical .....!! I understand you being cynical and that's your choice. Me? Don't have a bad word to say about them. I follow them on Instagram and when I was ill I messaged them. Nick messaged me back and helped me. He gave me some advice and I'm greatful for that. He didn't want anything from me. He does reply to people sometimes.

  • I read stories of charges of £4000 a day and people waiting 3 years for an appointment only to be told that they were still too busy, but they select celebrities and those that are going to be useful for their self promotion.

    They have testimonials but no science or objective data on their methods/success.

    Very clever

    They are the only private life coaches who get tv time aren't they?

  • I really don't know about that!! Where did you read all that? I can only speak for myself in as much as they lift my spirits and listening to what they say makes me feel positive and optimistic. I'm no different to anyone else in this world, I've had many sad times.Anxiety and depression. So I know how all that feels. I know how I want to feel and how I don't want to feel. So for me they have a positive influence on my life and I am greatful for that.

  • And by the way I don't actually know them personally!! Only through seeing their work on tv and YouTube. I have also read a book they wrote.