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Everything blamed on mh


Sorry its me again.

Today I am meeting my allocated specialist nurse at the pain clinic for the first time. I can't deny that I'm terrified!

To start with I can't bear strangers touching me, no idea why. But add that to my mental health problems, I'm really scared that I'm going to have all the problems blamed on my mental health. It wouldn't be the first first time.

Just thinking about it makes me feel exhausted and tearful. Why is life so challenging?

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I have been to Pain Clinic several times , also I took many of their Courses on Pain Control.

There is nothing to worry about, they may send you to various Specialists that specialize in the conditions you suffer from.

Also generally you will learn various techniques to control pain, also how to manage various medications and possibly the use of TENS or EMS machines. One of the courses explains how you need to talk to the Health Professionals you deal with, this will allow you to discuss how you feel. also explain your need. Pain Management is very important you will learn how to manage your pain medications by increasing or lowering the dose.

Pain Clinic is a fantastic way to learn about your conditions and their management. It will be all down to you to learn and control your Chronic health concerns


Thank you Bob, I really appreciate that, I have avoided seeing consultants for years now, and been managing with the support of my GP, but the pain levels have increased to the point of not being able to cope. I probably should have ask to be referred sooner.

The last few times I've had contact with consultants have been a disaster. The blood specialist said the pain in my leg was in my imagination, despite my having an increased D Dimer.......turned out I had 5 blood clots in my right leg.

The heart man said it was all due to my weight, and if the weight gain was due to meds, he told me to stop taking them - so I did, and became very ill.

Fortunately I never go in to a consultation without m y husband there as a witness and a spare pair o f ears.


My Wife now attends most of my appointments, as She looks after my medications and acts as my carer.

The Pain Clinic is a real positive way to learn how to read your body worries and concerns, they will help you manage your conditions, I saw them about forty years ago and I had a further meeting about fifteen years ago to make sure I was following their Mantra.

Good Luck, let me know how you get on


I'm heading there now, with my repeat script in hand with the 22 different drugs. Not to mention the off repeat meds like oxymoron, I'd be very nervous about stopping g any of them, particularly the psych ones......It's taken years to get my cocktail settled......

They will most probably rationalize your medications. I am going through that now and I much more positive in my outlook and condition.

My only problem is the cold weather, I have to be careful going outside from a warm room or visa versa I become dizzy and I will sometimes fall down


Hi Bob,

My appointment was fantastic. The specialist nurse was very knowledgeable about Ehlers Danlos, and bipolar. I will be starting tai chi next week!

Wonderful, I hope everything goes well for you and you are able to control your pain with help and encouragement


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