Hi stumbled across this site when looking up the symptoms of bipolar. I wondered if my boyfriend suffers from bipolar due to his behaviour. He goes from constantly texting and talking to me to barely speaking to me. When he's happy he is constantly making plans for the future but when he's down everything gets cancelled. Every couple of weeks he ends our relationship. I know he has suffered from depression in the past and had a lot of jobs over the years. When he's happy he talks quickly, but easily gets distracted, he doesn't sleep well but can have phases when he's full of energy and goes running every day. He also suffers from OCD. Does this sound like bipolar, want to help him but frightened he'll be offended if I mention bipolar. Thanks

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  • Hi there I think the best and only person who could say if your BF is BiPolar is your Dr. If this is affecting you, then maybe it's time to have a conversation with your BF and explain how his behaviour if affecting you.

    What age are you? And have you been together long? Without knowing the background the only advice is to take the courage in your hand and get him to visit GP and let the Dr. Make the decision as maybe these things are just part of his personality. Good luck and let us know how things go , Communication is a vital part of a good relationship so do t be afraid to discuss all this.


  • Thanks for your advice. I'm 44 and he is 42. We've been together 10 months. Tried to speak to him this morning and once again he ends the relationship.

  • I would talk to him because I'm on the opposite side of this whet your saying and I wish wish wish my partner could see the signs of bipolar and help me get help. If you show you understand and help him get help life will be so much easier for you both. I'm sure my partner thinks I'm just crazy..... I would recommend talking to your boyfriend about it. You may get a bad reaction where he storms off because it's hard to admit you feel this way. However if you both stick at it and he knows your not gojng to judge him or leave him then your knowledge to something. Good luck

  • Stick at it..... he'll come to you eventually

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