Difficult day

Today isn't my best day ever. I woke up quite late. I made myself some breakfast but because of stress I felt nauseated. I went to the park I go every day and tied to run, without sucess.

Then I came back home and felt very down to the point I needed to see a doctor.

I went to hospital where I could talk with someone. It made me feel better.

Now I'm back home, at ease with myself.


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2 Replies

  • Sounds like a tiring day. :(

    Glad that you're back home and feeling a bit better within yourself. Surprising how much difference it can make just to have someone with an open and patient ear.

  • I am pleased to hear that you got yourself some help. Well done for that. It always helps to talk. My day was a slow start and ended up a not bad one .. Made some soup and that lifted me somewhat.

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