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3 days into Mirtazapine

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My mental health has been an issue for a few years now although just recently decided to get help. Im on day 3 of Mirtazapine and i feel like im worse than i was before. I have read up on this being an issue but this sucks.

Another issue i have is that i take codine and paracetamol for an injury (yep the depression is triggered by the pain and everything that tags along), but i feel that its effectiveness is nulled out by Mirtazapine. Im now in more pain than ever.

Today my mind is all over the place. Crossed the road today and a bus was coming. Im thinking should i step out? Obviously i never but the reality is that i had that opportunity and i felt no fear whereas before if i had any negative thoughts, then those thoughts would scare me. Im angry, sad, in pain. I just seem to hate the world and everything in it. Is this what Mirtazapine does at the start? Im a different person

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Hi Yann1,

I have been on 30mg Mirtazapene for 7 weeks now, and the first month was quite shaky for me, but now the meds have topped up my system and have stabilised, now anxiety is not so bad, my Psych says that it can take as much as 3 months to get the body used to it. Please persevere and talk to your doctor about alternative pain killers, I use mindfulness videos on you tube ( google Michael Sealey) to help with stress and sleep problems, I also play solitaire online to distract me when the anxiety is bad ,

Hi yann1 - I agree with Robroy567. I'm in week 5 of taking Paroxedine and some days have been hellish. Luckily these are getting fewer but I still have my shaky moments during the day [like just now - for no reason and it lasted an hour]. I read the full side effects list and it's scary. It included suicidal thoughts in the early weeks. Yes, I had these too. But it is temporary - this is probably the worse it will be and you will question why am I on these tablets if i feel like this? I've decided that I will persevere and I hope you will too. Use the support groups. Tap into any support you can get from your spouse, family or friends. Find ways to distract your mind. Or write your feelings down and keep a journal. My wife has already noticed I am more like my old self. Keep going and post your feelings here to let us know how you are getting on. Good luck.

A further thoughts for you. I take a daily vitamin B complex supplement which supports the nervous system. You might also want to check out magnesium and see if this helps. They gave this to me to calm me down at the hospital when my anxiety was out of control. And finally, I take Neurol 0.25 as and when I need it for those bad anxious moments [like you mentioned]. It really helps to turn off all those counterproductive thoughts in your mind at times of stress. The doctor prescribed this for me.

Everytime I take AD medication I go through living hell. But keep taking the pills and it fades away!!After this I feel fantastic.

I now think that the bad shows the drug is working and stimulating the problem part if my brain!

The longest bad period is 2 weeks.

This is the second time I’ve tried mirtazapine. The first time I thought I was ‘high’ so stopped it after a week! Back on it and I feel nothing most of the time - just very teary at times. I shall give it a bit longer which will be two months.

Hello, you have only been on this medication for three days, be patient, allow about five weeks to get used to the medication.

You mention you suffer pain problems, and you take medications, how did you hurt yourself ??

There are additional ways of treating pain, you could try a twin channel TENS machine that will help you control your Pain.

Also consider Relaxation Technique MINDFULNESS, will help you relax.

The use of a shower warm to hop water directed to the sore area will plave heat into the sore area and helps to control the pain.

Some people actually learn some gentle exercise and manipulation will also help especially in the bath or shower. You can actually purchase a new bath tap, hot and cold with an attached shower head to help and direct the warm water in a bath. You could purchase an unattached airspar unit that you can move around the bath, the airrated water can be directed on the areas that need the heat.

If you are on two different types of medication for pain there are other tablets that cause less upset tummies.


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