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Surviving life!!

I can identify with so many things written on here from growing up in a home with domestic violence. My dad beat and raped my mum regularly. My father is an alcoholic, I married an alcoholic(didn't realise at the time it was well hidden) I had 3 children. 2 boys and a girl. I stayed with him because I was afraid to tell anyone!!i was ashamed. The trauma for myself and children is too long a story to tell. My youngest son took an overdose because of it, my eldest son did too but that was because he was afraid to tell me he was gay!!! It was all just a part in the terrible world we lived in!! I don't care what his or anyone's sexuality is. He's my son and I love him dearly. I love all my children.after 24 years I found the courage to leave my husband.He always told me he would kill himself if I left!! So I stayed for 24 years, then one day I realised it was him or me because I couldn't take anymore, He eventually drank himself to death. A sad waste of his life. He had his own story !!! Just like all of us on here!! So depression, anxiety and all that goes with it has followed me most of my life. At the age of 39 I took control and found the strength to walk away into a better life. That wasn't without its trauma and life has continued to throw things at me when I least expect it but!!! My life got a lot better from that day too.im 54 now and I won't be anyone's victim anymore. Life sure as hell isnt fair we can all agree with that I'm sure.I have my days where it tries tocreep back in but I don't let it control me anymore. I say this too many people!! Not for effect or because I'm trying to put a sticking plaster on people's woundsbut things can and do get better. We all have something to be great full for. I hope all you brave people find some happy times and peace of mind soon. Lots of love to everyone and let's keep on helping each other, why?? Because we are bloody worth it!! Every single one of us 😘👍

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What an amazing post, so uplifting after all that life has thrown at you. They say that 'what doesn't kill us makes us stronger' and you are sure proof of that, brilliant that you found the strength to post your life on HU. You've definetely inspired me and others I'm sure when they've read this.

Bless you.



Lovely post. Thank you.


Wow I don't know how you survived all that, you must be an incredibly strong person and I overawed by your strength. Great story and thank you for posting it. x


Hear hear sistaaaaaa ... We are survivors


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