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Chronic pain is making me majorally depressed!

I just don't know what to do anymore just rolling out of bed hurts then I have to make it to the toilet do my daughters breakfast all pain increasing then the school rub then the house work I just cry doing the washing because the pains there making it like a mountain to overcome pushing myself cheering myself on 'go on nearly there push through the paibn' how can you not be depressed living like this? I cantnstop crying my life is hell

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Hi there missyw23

So sorry to hear you are feeling so bad and in such pain. I'm sure you will receive replies from our members soon and you may also like to join the Pain Concern Community for further support.




I feel I might know you from the fibro site?

If so I can understand how you feel.

I don't know if your on meds or antidepressants?

If you want to pm me please do and we can chat.

Please don't give up, there's always hope.

Take care and best wishes.


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