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What should be my next steps

So for a long time (about the age of 18) i have suffered with depressive episodes. I tried antidepressants but they massively affected my life and i was managing my episodes ok so came off them. I am still comfortable with that decision. For the past year or so i have been having more and more frequent episodes mixed with days or weeks where i am completely fine, happy, energetic and excitable. Then i go back to feeling low and like i cant cope, tired all the time, stressed, and very emotional to a point i feel im going to have a breakdown.

Ive been reading up on Bipolar as it was suggested my a family friend (a sensible one with experience of the condition) i may have that, or a similar issue such as Cyclothymia.

I went to the doctors when this all started quite some time ago and was told i was exhausted and stressed. Since then i have made an effort to do less, take on less and be more relaxed but i am still feeling the same if not worse with my mood swings becoming more and more frequent and uncontrollable.

Can anyone advise if they think i should go back to the doctors and explain why i think their diagnosis may have been off the mark, or should i wait and see if it goes away?

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Hi FJPTBB and welcome to Action on Depression. I'm sure you will receive support and information shortly and I am tagging in @Goldfish_

Take care




I'm sorry to read what's being going on.

I am not a professional, only a fellow sufferer.

If it was me I would ask these questions to your dr and get his/her advice.

It's good to come on here and have a chat and maybe work some things through, but at the end of the day I think you need professional help.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

Take care 👍😊

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It certainly sounds worth going back to discuss your concerns. In particular it may be that a mood stabiliser could be a useful avenue to try for treatment. Maybe you will need to press for a consultant opinion though as GPs would not usually initiate treatment. However rather that criticising their previous diagnosis I would start the discussion as a query about alternative treatment in view of your problems with antidepressants

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Thanks guys :) the more i think about it the more i think i am better to go back. Just good to get an outsiders opinion as well

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Hi doctors aren't experts in mental health so best to get a referral to a counsellor who can diagnose you properly. x

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