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Hi 🙋 guys,I'm totally new on here and was wondering if anyone could help me get through the DWP Assessment if you have severe depression. I have suffered with this for 12 years now but on the only other assessment I attended a couple of years ago,I was quickly shown the door because my illness wasn't visible as such. Can anyone with depression get through this assessment? Thanks in advance for any advice.


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  • Hi malteser welcome to this group you will find plenty of people that may be able to help you i my self would be grateful. To look at the posts as i am going to be going to apply to the dwp for benefits i wish you well david

  • Hi David,I've got a few replies that you can read which may help you as well. John.

  • Hi Goldfish,thanks for your advice and link to the test. Do you know how many points are needed to pass the test? Thanks in advance. John.

  • Hi can you get a letter from your Dr, I was at a phsyciatrist and he asked me if anyone was helping me regards going in front of ATOS I said no and he said leave it with me and true to his word I had a letter posted to me within two days from him to take with me. ( he couldn't stand ATOS ) and I got my DLA . always remember your worst days when you are telling them how you are. Hope this helps in some small way.

  • Hi Robbie,thanks for your reply. I don't have a date for my assessment yet but it is already 4 months late! I have been on the lower rate of ESA for clinical depression since November 2015 and my doctor has given me 3 medical notes of 13 weeks each since then,so I should be able to get a letter to help my face to face assessment if it ever arrives. Thanks again.

  • If you re apply, you need reports from GP and Specialists, they would approach your GP to explain your condition, Copies are then sent to the centre and they asses your condition and award points.

    If the DWP send a form fill it in truthfully, the CAB can help you fill it in. It depends on reports and complications of your condition and if you are capable to do any form of work


  • Thank you for your advice Bob,its much appreciated.

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