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Hi All

Just had my first counselling session and me thinking we'd only just started the counsellor says I'm afraid times up. WHAT I was just warming up and getting into things there. Aside from the time I feel I have many many more sessions to come. We didn't actually route one single cause so hopefully over the coming weeks I can work on mending my heart, mind, soul and moodiness and depression. All in all I feel it went well. 🙂

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Glad you found it went well. At each appointment more and more will come out and unravel it all slowly


Hi satsuma

Yes I agree more and more will come out and I look forward to embracing these meetings as a way to take myself forward and mend my ways also. No such thing as a free lunch they say but money well spent because already I feel a touch better and I cried a river at counselling but somehow I think I left my tears in the session room. X


I am pleased to hear it is doing you some good. Let the tears flow when they want to come out .. I cry a lot .. It is a release valve I find


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