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Letting Go

For those of you who don't know, I volunteer at a horse rescue where I have become attached to a horse named Dawson whose is now being fostered. Here is what I have to say about that:

There is this horse.

His name is Dawson.

Do I love him?

Of course.

He is getting fostered.

To Virginia he goes.

I miss him already,

But this is how life flows.

Love is like a river.

It will always flow.

Sometimes love means letting go.

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I suppose working in any Rescue Centre is hard because you can get attached to the animals, I would too, but I guess if they were going to good homes I would be happy. I'm not sure if I could do this job. I love animals but I think i would be too emotional and I suppose that would not work as you need to be detached in a way, loving but detached. Ah I am sure you will get to love another horse.



I just let myself get attached because this is what drives me to take care of them.


Ah that's great, I would be In bits. Lol.

I'm too sensitive but I admire you for doing it.


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Thank you.


Hi mbvu,

I commend you for working in the area of rescue especially for such wonderful creatures. You are so right, the attitude you are taking with Dawson's departure.

When I would help in the same manner as you, I felt it was my duty to help these often mistreated kids understand that humans (some) can be trusted. There were times, that some individuals only dropped their guards to let ME in. It was once this happened, that it was absolutely necessary for me to step back and let other like minded humans to interact with this amazing soul!! I was a bridge...as much as it felt a hole was opening deep inside me...the lost little soul was no longer feeling lost. Because I was a bridge, relationships with other humans was possible.

I believe the special relationship you have with Dawson is going to be the very ticket for him to make close relationships with other humans. The cool thing? I bet, just like me, when you see Dawson...even years later...he will remember you!! I've met some of these kids of mine, months to years later...they ALWAYS remember and it's heartwarming to have them do everything they can to get to me.

You have a very special heart and I suspect, your way with horses is unique. Dawson, and all the others to follow him, is a success because of your time and caring heart...it's hard, sure, but it has some very sweet rewards!!

Job well done!!! Keep up the good work. Keep your heart and eyes open, very soon, another soul will need what you have, to bridge them to success!!


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