Any advice?

iv been feeling really down lately, more than normal, feel like I'm stuck in my own head with no escape. I'm anxious most of the time to the point I can't even go to the local shop on my own. My mood swings are terrible and I go from one extreme to the other. Some days I'm ok and other days I'm so low I cry myself to sleep. I have self harmed in the past and recently started again when I get angry. I hate feeling this way but can't help it, I'm trapped. I can't bring myself to talk to my partner or family and stumbled across this site so thought I'd vent on here. Thinking I'm suffering with more than just depression. Have been to doctors but can't really open up fully to them face to face. Help?


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  • I know how hard it can be to go to the doctor when you feel like this, but you must otherwise you will never get the help you need and deserve. Goldish's idea is very good - write it down and just hand it to the doctor. Do you have anyone you can trust to go with you?

    There is nothing you can say that your doctor hasn't heard many times before. The best way to approach it (as you haven't got to bare your soul) is just to say you think you are suffering from depression and tell him/her you find it hard to talk about it. They will ask you questions ie about your mood, and your sleep etc.

    Stay with us here and let us know what happens please. x

  • Airing your problem on here is a good start if you can't discuss thing with your family or partner and if you can't fully open up to your GP. But its only a start the person who can help you most at the moment is your GP and if you have depression its not the end of the world but it is quite difficult to treat.

    You must give your GP a fighting chance to help you and with no symptons to look at they are dependent on you telling them openly and honestly about your problems. As already suggested if you have to do this by writing it down and handing it to the GP then do it that way, but somehow you have to find a way to describe your problems to your GP. Fully and honestly. With rapid mood swings, self harming and anxiety as symptoms it is important you do this as soon as possible.

    You're not really trapped, you just have to find a small amount of courage, make an appointment with your GP and tell them as best you can what is wrong.

    Until then I hope thing improve a bit for you but things will only really start to improve when you get the right medical help and with depression and anxiety that means communicating to your GP. You would n't expect a mechanic to be able to fix your car if you prevented him from knowing what was wrong with it.


  • Write everything down as at times we are so swamped with everything we can't see the wood for the trees, it may help when seeing your GP to make a list and see if there are any triggers that may set off certain emotions, it gets the thoughts out of your head and onto paper or keep a diary if you can and of course medication can also help.

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