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Hi there im trying to help others but at the same times i feel like im falling to bits myself ! I left my job. Due to the fact i wasnt able to do my job due to short term memory loss which was due to a brain bleed 4 years ago ! I sometime feel is not worth it but then i remember my wife and others who help me ive just got too much time on my hands and the dark thoughts get worse ! I try to think positive but at times it really hard ! David


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  • David,sorry to hear you are getting dark thoughts . If it is just a matter of too much time on your hands there must be loads of things you could do that would help distract you from dark thoughts.

    If depressed it is often difficult to find the spark of interest that makes a hobby or pastime enjoyable but given a computer the world is at your feet and there must be some area of interest accessable by computer that would occupy some of that time.

    That is apart from possibly reading, gardening, walking, cycling, fishing, music, clubs, D-I-Y ,one could go on forever and to take just the first one you could read fiction or non fiction on so many subjects. Some of these things will be of no interest to you,or too expensive, or not practicable , and if really depressed it may be none of them appeal but there must be something in which you can lose yourself for a short time to give your mind a "holiday" from dark thoughts. I find even a few hours "mind holiday' does me good out of all proportion to the short period of time I escape from mulling over depression.

    A positive thought is that life is always worth it as none of us have any idea what part we have to play in others' futures.Any one of us could have an important role to play at some time in helping someone else.You are doing the right thing by trying to think positively--its hard if depressed. So is everything else but all you can do is to resolve that what ever life throws at you, you will not be beaten. You will survive and strive to increase the amount of happiness in the world and hopefully this will help you find more contentment. More power to your elbow.



  • Hi olderal thanks for taking the time to reply to my post ! Regards trying walking i do some now and again i used to like d.i.y but have lost interest in the things i used to enjoy. Im hopping that given time things will get better. !again thanks for your reply take care olderal !

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