Hello everyone

I have this issue where I have this obsession where I want to be the best. I don't understand why I have this and I believe that it is getting quite serious where it develops unnecessary competition with my friends ( which will be awful). It ranges from things such as football which is okay because it is a competitive sport. However the pointless things come into play like drawing. I regularly do drawing and if someone is better than me I get very annoyed. I really dislike this because there is no need for me to get annoyed over something so pointless and I need to realise that i'll never be the best in everything I do. Is there any tips or things I could to change my way of thinking. My fear like I mentioned before is developing unnesscary competition with my friends and want to change it as soon as possible. I've had sleepless nights over this issue.



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  • As this forum is for people who have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression I'm not sure this is where you should be. You might begin by talking to your parents, or a school counselor I was also thinking about what your idea of friendship is,being competitive doesn't seem to be necessary, whereas common interest, support, reliability is. I imagine this will come with maturity. I would't worry to much about it .

    You will probably get other replies which you will find more sympathetic. Good luck,VM

  • Hi KaySizzle, Obviously I don't know you personally and I'm only going by what I have read in your post but it sounds like a self esteem/validation issue you may have. At least you are aware of your feelings and honest enough to admit them to yourself even when that might be painful. I would suggest you discuss it with someone you trust and respect or if you font feel comfortable doing this see your GP and ask to see a counsellor who will be an impartial person you can open up to further. If you feel being unnecessary competitive is spoiling your life then you are right to be slightly concerned because you don't want to start alienating yourself off from living the fullest life you possibly can live. Good luck and worry too much about it.


  • ...don't worry too much about it(my typos are getting worse😊)