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Today I am blessed and I give thanks for the sh*t days I have endured .. I have maintained my truth as much as I can and could. I realise that I am dealing with the devil just now and the devil tells lies. I am living my truth although it is painful to say the least and I will not let this evil defeat me. The more pain I go through, the stronger I become. Damn you predator, you will not win. I have courage and determination to change the things I can and for this you will not like. You are trying to kill me. If I had anything to confess I would but as I have not I should not because I do not have to. I will not back down and I will get victory. I can ressurect the dusty pile that is now. You cannot steal my power. You try to break me and shake me and you will not succeed. It will be me who succeeds in peace and love. I am worth much more than you will ever be. I am going through this pain to get me to where I should be and that is with my children whom are now teenagers. For their suffering is so much worse than mine and I can only be of comfort to them if I am strong.


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4 Replies

  • Well said Satsuma, you have the right attitude and are growing in strength daily and will continue to feel stronger as each day passes.

  • Thank you Stilltrying_ Yes it is baby steps and mighty painful to get through. Oh my word I am shedding so much it is unbelievable. Is this right to feel like this ? It is rather consuming on every level

  • Satsuma that is brilliant and so positive. You are dead right - things will get better for you and you thoroughly deserve to be happy. When are you moving to your new home and kissing the mice goodbye? Things will definitely improve for you then. xx

  • I have been in it for a week coughalot2 Thanking you. It is strange living rodent free but so nice I forgotten what proper living is all about. I keep thinking I can hear them bah ! I think I have miceptsd. Although I love animals, those were blighters somewhat and most irritating. They should not of lived where I lived. The landlords do not care and they were social housing. Before I left I had a visit from some workmen and they said it was unfit for human cohabitation. Wow. They never told me that when I was living there and the housing officer was round only days before. Just shows you hey. Has crossed my mind that the officer probably liked seeing me suffer. If that is the case it is sadistic. I told a housing manager and they would not even come in and look as he is afraid of mice and said it sounds bad. I said yes it was terrible living with them. I cannot believe I put up with it so long. I think it cos it was a sick building and I absorbed the negativity tenfold which rendered me incapable. I need strength to conquer so many things on different levels including this mice episode. It is not over yet.

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