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TMS Recovery - help for pain caused by health anxiety.


hey guys! so recently, i’ve found this amazing recovery system called TMS recovery. i have chronic pain, and when i go to the doctors i am healthy and nothing is wrong.): if you deal with this as well, look into TMS recovery and apply the tools to your life and i guarantee you will get better!

it’s based around retraining your brain. telling your brain that you are not in pain, and to stop treating your body like you can’t do anything because of pain. our brain are powerful things, and more than half of the time it’s almost like they’re not on our side. the brain can do crazy things to our body, but willpower and training is a guaranteed cure.

just google TMS recovery, i highly recommend it if you have chronic pain that can’t be diagnosed, or even have pain from anxiety everyday.

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Yes the brain can make you feel what isn't there. You just have to understand this and work on it.

I'm not familiar with this but playing devil's advocate, would there be times when we need to feel pain to keep on doing something that could cause injury?

I have chronic neck pain which sucks and I imagine your pain does too but I would be afraid that I might damage the disc more if I'm not feeling the pain and I overextended it.

Thank you for posting this. Just looked it up and it looks like a miracle. Non-invasive, super simple procedure. It’s a magnetic device they put near your left temple where mood centers are located in the brain (in the video from UCLA.) This video is about how tms treats depression. It increases activity in that part of the brain. And it’s covered by insurance. This is a heck of a find. I hope many people who need this can find it. When I get it, I’ll come back and report how it goes. Thanks again for this information! Keep spreading the word!

yes, please let me know how it worked!:) i’m so happy you’re gonna give it a try! good luck❤️

Thank you! This looks so promising. I’ll keep you posted. I’ll soon have health insurance and have learned from this local TMS provider’s website that my insurance will cover it. How exciting.


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