I Prayed for you

I prayed for you.

I prayed that you make the right decision.

That you come unto your own


rather than later.

That you Know the truth

& follow it

Because you know what is right.

I prayed that you Not bow to their expectations.

That you Find Your Voice.

& not be molded

Or manipulated

By what they want others to think of you.

I prayed

That you not walk the path of a manipulator.

That you Stand up for yourself

Stand up to others.

What is there to fear ?

Except for the truth

Except God.

Stand up for yourself

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  • I pray that you all feel a little bit better each day, because I know that some of you are in such pain and feel so unhappy. God Bless all of you.

    Marguerite9 xx

  • Bless you I'm in such pain and I thank God for your prayers and for you for doing it . Bless you Amen . Ps May He be with you today and always X

  • Bless you and a beautiful poem. x

  • I pray that our lord will mend our bodies sometimes it can take time as I know and I look at it. As work in progress and a big amen

  • Amen, may He bless you and lift this mantel of pain from you all of us Amen

  • That is beautiful x

  • Thank you for all of your replies.

  • What a lovely poem, thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you

  • Thank you am in much agony and I know God have heard your prayer#am so lonely

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