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fighting a battle in my head

hi everyone i think after months of not feeling myself or being happy even though i am blessed at having such a good life (a good job-family-nice house etc)ive come to realise that i have got depression i had a long chat with my wife yesterday and i tick a lot of boxes of symptoms that you get from having depression i think i have know for a while but i was to embarrassed to admit it ive had a lot of family issues the last couple of years and slowly things have just become to much and now i just cant seem to let things go and i am now worried about moving on and getting on with my life what is the first step to take to get myself right again any help would be much appreciated thanks

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Look at going to visit your doctor and maybe start getting more information to help you understand your condition. There is a free online course which explains anxiety and depression You do have to register but it is free and they don't hassle you. Another one is the moodgym website. Just type moodgym into a search engine and it should come up with the site.

Let us know how you go on .


Your first port of call Ash is talk to your Wife and then GP.

Sometimes family problems can be solved by just talking about them to people we love. Sometimes those around us have picked up that things have not been right with your moods, generally work related or family concerns.

If you go to your GP make a list of your worries and concerns. Your GP will listen and advise on what may help you. Do not be shocked if medications are not prescribed as that time, your condition may be straightforward and your low mood may just be transient and will pass given time

If your GP gives medication He may also suggest an appointment with a CPN or other health professional to see you and suggest a treatment plan. CBT may be offered where you can talk out and through your concerns and fears, the initial treatment plan may last for about six sessions. By that time you should have picked up coping techniques and can help yourself move on, you will then be discharged or passed further down the line for further treatment plans.

Do not worry only a small percentage of patients end up in hospital

We are always around if You need to chat



It is essential you see you see your GP. Until then and after my advice would be to keep this information to just between your wife and yourself and your GP (who will of course keep it confidential)

If you have got depression its far from being the end of the world but its difficult (but not impossible ) to fight and eventually will vanish on its own, maybe if you're unlucky to recur later in cycles. It is unpleasant to put it mildly and your GP should be able to advise on drugs or other treatment to make it vanish more quickly.

As its quite difficult to treat (usually) and not an exact science ,as this presumably will be your first appt. re possible depression. It is important to be completely honest and open with your GP, writing notes beforehand if necessary to make sure you cover everything. There's no room for embarassment or hiding things with this condition . Its hard enough for the medics and yourself to fight when they have all the facts. Give everyone ,especially the medics , a fighting chance by being completely honest. If there are no aspects of your experience you would n't want your wife to know it would probably be good if she went with you to the GP.

Most of us on here have had it years (probably over 50 in my case) and depending on the type you may have it can be an asset if you have good strength of character, good medical help ,good support and some luck. Mind you it takes a long while and a lot of pain before you realise that in some ways, some forms of depression can be an asset. Evolution would have wiped us out long before now if that was not the case.



Hi There,

Its a brave thing to admit this because its the biggest step to take to come to terms of your situation regarding your mental health. I think most people go through family issues and come out stronger than before. your first call is rightfully your wife. she is your closet friend and soulmate and you already know that if there's someone who understands you better then its your partner. if you feel you need an impartial in sight into what's going on then maybe a close trusted friend you know can help who's only a phone call away. if not, then a call to the GP might help and getting private counselling afterwards would be a good starting point.

I won't ask for any personal details but depression occurs from worries that induces chronic stress. sometimes from appearance everything looks fine, like you mentioned family/work life/house but within the mind various thoughts cause imbalances and this can affect the body's chemical balance. getting that balance back to where it was right is key and might take some time. Can i please ask what issues are causing you to feel stressed or worried and i can try to help?



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