Hello just popped into see how everyone is lately and to let you know how im getting on its been a bit of a mixed bad lately getting really mixed up at times also having problems at work which i hope get sorted soon ! Had a bad night last night as i was having a korma as i was eating a piece stuck in my throat for a second. Since then ive been. Feeling sick with a burning sensation in my stomach which gets annoying. And i get stressed about it and upset my wifes been brilliant but i hate feeling like this ! Gavisgon is helping but its in my mind. Thats bothering me ! Thank you in advance for any comments you may make. God bless david x

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  • David

    It seems you may have burnt your throat, possibly. Just lt it repair.

    If you feel something could be stuck have a glass of milk or water to clear the stuff away. It could also be something caught by your tonsils have a look and a mouthwash


  • Thanks for that bob its getting better ! I just seem to panic when Something like that happens ive been drinking chilled water. So thats helping ! Thank you for you kind words. Take care david

  • Hi David and nice to see you on the forum again. Hope you're feeling a bit better now. I've managed the bank holiday so far. It was gay Pride on Saturday and today I drove over to see my dad and take him out for a drive and a meal; tomorrow I'm cycling. I have to have these plans or I'd be in a pretty desperate place but coping reasonably ok.

    Take care, Gemma X

  • Hi gemma got my off days but with the help of my missus. I will get better eventually ! Your dads lucky hes got such a thoughtful daughter ! I dont go cycling any more since i had a brain heommorage 3 years ago my balance isnt what it once was. ! Again thanks for taking the time to reply to my post take care david x

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