I feel like I'm going to explode

I'm new here and I'm just feeling like I'm spinning out of control, I was diagnosed with sinus node disease when I was 16 and had to have a pacemaker, then when I was 19 I was diagnosed with type one diabetes and at 20 years old I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid . I was lucky enough to give birth to a handsome baby boy when I was 21 years old but because of everything that happened I had to drop out of university where I was studying to be a nurse and I just feel lost with what I actually want to do with my life. My son and partner are what keep me going most days but I'm feeling alot of pressure at the moment from my mum and her husband to move out of the family home as soon as possible which isnt possible as our house isn't ready to move into yet and they are just making it so uncomfortable to be living here and that is putting stress onto my relationship with my partner and I feel like I'm going to explode.

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  • Hi have you been diagnosed with depression or a mental health disorder? If you feel you are suffering from this and you haven't been to the doctors then my advice is to make an appointment and get an official diagnosis. x

  • Hello Welcome

    Many friendly people on this site will try and give encouragement

    You have had an unfortunate time with your health and apart from that I would advise you talk to your GP and explain your concerns as it cannot be easy having various health problems and a young child living in your old family home the three of you could be feeling the need to get out, and move into your new address and make that your new family home.

    Living with in with parents must be a real concern for the three of you, although I would imagine your Parents will feel cramped with you both and their very young Grandson who must be making His Presence known. It must be hard for your parents who would prefer to have their peace restored.

    It should sort out when you move out and I remember when I was your age I felt that I had outstayed my welcome as I had two very young sisters who were causing problems for me to marry and settle down with a girl they hated with that vigour only a Mother can maintain.

    I also could understand the fact that your Parents house will feel full up with not only you, also your stuff, that could also cause a problem until you move out.

    Generally I could suggest you two bite your lip. Your baby will be to young for that and will be suffering getting his teeth.

    Another problem could be your failure to complete your Nursing Degree and that will also may cause some resentment from your Parents as they feel your boats are burned with your new family

    All I can suggest is talk to your GP and possibly ask for CBT and some medication to run until you are able to move out away from parents, they will then hopefully wish to know their Grandson.

    How long do you feel you will need to bite two lips ??

    Good Luck you are in an unenviable position, you know where we are

    I have been Chronic Disabled for thirty or so years and I had to eventually start a new life away from family.

    Is there any way to get your new home completed early ?


  • I think in the short term until you can move into your new home you should make it clear to your Mum and her husband how grateful you are that they are putting you up and you appreciate what they are doing for you. Tell them that you will move out as soon as your house is ready which presumably can't be too far away. They probably know this already but this will make sure they know you are grateful to them. Sometimes people just need to be told how much you appreciate their help.

    This will mean that you have done everything you can to make the remaining time you have there as pleasant as possible which is all you can do at the moment until your new home is ready.


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