Intrusive Thoughts

Hello everyone,

I would like to share my story. I'm just 16 and now I've been suffering from depression. It's been 3 months already. I always wonder what is depressed but I know how do the people are depressed feel like. I used to be a happy person and I laugh all time but now I miss my old me and I really want it back.

The reason that cause me depressed like that because I knew a lot creepy things such ghost or haunted things. I always think about all of them all the time and I'm worried that I will do wrong to all of them. All the things I'm worried about are all happened. I started thinking and imagining about them in bad ways and also said inappropriate words to them also. I always apology and ask them for forgiveness and also promise with them that I won't do like this again but I don't know why all those unwanted thoughts always pop in my mind and I always recall the time that I did wrong to them. Since that time , I can't control my thought anymore and I repeat doing this everyday. I also thinking about my mum in bad ways too. I suspect that I have INTRUSIVE THOUGHT . I want to get rid of it so much and I can't deal my life with it anymore. Before I used to fear of dying but not anymore. One day , if I can't deal with it , I have no longer to live in this world.

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  • Yes it does sound like intrusive thoughts. You have mentioned that the health provision in your country is not as advanced as it is in some places so you may find it difficult to get medical attention although I still feel this is what you need. I hope coming on here helps a bit but I feel a bit inadequate trying to support you as I do feel you need some professional help. Is there anywhere you can go to get this help at all?

    Gemma x

  • I just found the place and I don't dare to go there and even tell my parents that I have it. I'm worried that I will be a psychotic . I'm not sure that I have depression , anxiety , OCD , Intrusive Thoughts or what. When I did research the symptoms are nearly the same .

  • Yes you are right; the symptoms can be very similar. Very often with pyschosis people are not aware that they are ill or that their thoughts are abnormal. In your case you seem to be aware that your thoughts are a problem but being honest this is why you need to see a doctor as they will be able to help you better. Even if it is a psychotic illness many people live happy lives and do not suffer from recurrent symptoms once they are on the right medication.

    It would be good if you could tell your parents as they may need to pay for the treatment (I am not sure how the system works in your country) I know it takes courage to tell people these things and not everyone responds in a good way. If you do decide to tell them just say you have not been feeling well and you are having very strange thoughts which make you very depressed and you feel you need some help.

    Let us know how it goes,

    Gemma x

  • Sreyneth, I don't know what country you are from but at 16 you should if possible tell your parents very honestly what you are experiencing. and again if possible seek medical help.

    At 16, it is likely your symptoms are not that serious but you should certainly get medical help and adult advice as reassurance. As you get older you will realise that it is almost certain that ghosts and hauntings do not exist although many 16 year old people might believe in them.

    If you are no longer happy and laughing then you might be depressed and again you need to see a doctor to check on this. The human mind seems to sometimes want to scare itself for some strange reason, and for this reason thoughts can come into your mind that you do not want. This happens at times to everyone so don't worry too much about it. You'll always be able to deal with it . As far as even the wisest know this is the only world you can live in , so try and stop thinking about not living in it.

    I guarantee you that you will have a great many happy days to come living in this world but do tell your parents about your worries and do see a doctor. I am pretty old and have pretty old friends and can tell you most of us would give a great deal to see a ghost but we never have and are very certain we never will.


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