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Hi all I have Comorbid BPD and in a wheelchair due to mini stroke, fibro & arthritis, to mention a few. I returned my ESA form March 1st with evidence and heard nothing back? I'm in support group at the moment and payment has still been the same. I requested a home visit also.

I don't understand what takes them so long to make a decision, and why different areas of the U.K. Get theirs sooner. I do hope they use the esa forms when I get changed to pip as this has been a nightmare, I did have an 'indefinite' award but no doubt that will change too.

Any advice would be great

Take care



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9 Replies

  • Hi I am sorry you are going through all this and it can't be easy for you.  However this is a depression site.  Have you posted in the right place?  x

  • Hi yes I've borderline personality disorder (Comorbid) with depression, anxiety & psychosis. Unfortunately since I was nine years old.

    This waiting and worrying has my mental health off the scale at the moment and I don't think the DWP realise how this affects those with this condition.

    As you can also see I have limited mobility too. 

    Take care


  • Oh dear Jk sorry to hear that.  It can's be easy to live with.  Trying to cope with the system is a nightmare for anyone but worse I think for those with mental health conditions. 

    I think the powers that be know exactly how it affects people and they are hoping to put us off claiming,  so they can save money and boast how many claims before were false.  It justifies it in their mind. 

    Fingers crossed for you love and I hope you get what you thoroughly deserve. 

  • Yes these new benefit rules and changes in decision making are causing so many people so much stress so you have my sympathies. If you are in the support group and have heard nothing then I would try and think positive and think you are in the support group until told otherwise. Regarding PIP yes I am dreading it too; it is a battle we would all rather not fight and added stress to already difficult conditions.

    All I can suggest is follow up phone calls to ask what is happening ; I had one review sent in all the paperwork and got very anxious like you. What had happened was they never got back to me but had just decided to keep everything the same, so maybe that is the case if you are already on it. I know how hard this is; it made me more suicidal than usual. Accept now that nothing will happen over bank holiday. Try and give your mind a holiday (I try and practice this) by distracting with something different )  and deciding you will do more about it on Tuesday when everything is open again.

    Hopet this helps a bit. Gemma x

  • Hello I sent my ESA renewal back 14th March and got a decision on 16th April , still in support group I think it can take 4-8 weeks , I am still on DLA so await the forms to come through for PIP I too am on indefinate DLA, they can look at evidence provided from ESA and vice versa but the descriptors are different, so you would still need to complete the forms, but when you do eventually have to do your PIP make sure you get as much evidence together also include your copy of your ESA decision letter. I provided my DLA decision letter in with my ESA renewal form too.. you can't provide enough medical evidence they try and look for inconsistencies also consistencies that corroborate your claim... its just a nightmare and really does make you ill dealing with it all. 

    Good Luck

  • Sorry forgot to say any evidence you do provide, make sure your national insurance number is on every piece in case it goes missing with your claim.. my partner did stickers with my NI number and stuck them on every letter.

  • Ohh the dreaded ESA. It;s keeping people in very well paid jobs - taken from those like yourself who need it to survive. Meanwhile all you can do is wait as if you called the DWP you wouldn't get a straight answer. If your condition hasn't changed I would hope they have the decency to leave you in the S.G. Best Wishes 

  • Hi JK,

    Just had a run in with ESA at jobcentre. Beware - if you have grown up sons/daughters ( non dependants ) living at home with you, they class any money paid to you from them for their 'keep' as your 'income', thereby giving a false impression of how much personal  money you have coming in. I was asked the questions over the phone and simply answered, when she asked if my son paid towards his costs, never dreaming this would be put down as income ! After I found out they had done this,  I tried to argue the point that my electric, water and food bills would not be elevated without a third person ( my son )  living with me - the money he gives me covers those extra things so effectively cancels itself out. To no avail . For this reason, alongside my partner's state and 2 small pensions ( he is older than me ) we are above our 'applicable amount' and  will not qualify for joint income based ESA. I was told I could appeal - what a huge waste of resources, all this appealing due to dubious rules  and first time refusals. I can't get the NI credit form either as I had to reduce hours last few years due to disability ,so have not paid enough recent credits to qualify. They have you all ways ! The whole system is a disgrace. I will be trying for PIP next - hoping I may get the lower mobility rate.

    Since your condition is long standing, rather than a new claim, they will already have much of the relevant info so hopefully should be more plain sailing for your case.

    Wishing you the very best of luck,

    Take care,

    Angela x

  • Still no decision 😡

    Darn DWP

    Take care


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