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Well i cant get my breath I have been called in to esa wrag interview asked if i could have home visit they said no my esa will be sanctioned if i dont attend I rarely get out of the house unless accompanied and around my safesty zone, I have OCD anxiety and panick attacks, cant do public transport. I have lost the feeling in my left arm have cramp pins and needles in left hand  fingers and lower and upper arm, so annoying, Just had tests for cupital tunnel syndrome but not that had ecg, thinking blocked arteries come back normal. bloods normal chest xray, normal so had mri scan sunday evening at clairemont hospital to look at my brain and spinal cord. results not back yet. pooped enough bricks to build a house during these tests, far too many to handle on top of mental issues, after all these tests i did something silly and ashamable, cant disclose, now have to see phsyicologist, Im an alcoholic and self medicate my panick attacks. Been to wrag today n she did not believe a word i said and im now eligible for work so throwing me off esa. Why i asked? she said well you got here today so your quite capable of travelling, so capable to work. And then said and she had never heard of anyone having mri scan on a sunday. Guess i dreamt that then. im stunned at the coldness of the person, felt as small as a hamster stuck in a toilet roll tube, that i experienced sunday in the mri machine.  

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  • Hi jesus what a carry on for you i know they do mris on a weekend cause my hubbie had one last year   on a saturday ordered by his nerologist because they had a slot available i really cant stand these people who tell u how u should be feeling hope they never get ill hugs Paula x

  • Ty hun xx doesnt help just because were not see through. Thwy have no idea how I feel in a five minute session. Xx

  • Hi well self medicating with alcohol isn't helping in the long term you know as it is a depressive.  I am sure you know this though.  Are you on any meds?  Your ESA claim would be stronger if you are.  The other thing I am thinking would your doctor back you for a home visit?   Could be worth asking.  Good luck with it.  x

  • Yes been on dothiapin 30 yrs doc wants to try somerhing different thinks I have got immune to the ones I have now. X ive never thought to ask doctor about home visit x not one for docs.x just have no choice at the moment with my arm and other stuff. Xxty for reply xxx mandy 

  • Well it's up to you Mandy but if your doctor backs you then they have no grounds to refuse a home visit.  x

  • Will ask doc about it theyvwere adamant I had to go otherwise id be sanctioned then when I did get there by taxi and accompanied they said well your here so you have no problemsx talk about rat trap. She made me feel so small and a liar. About mri scan. 

  • Did you read the information book? Not being funny I have an appointment with them for disability but I can't use public transport I looked in the book thay give you and it actually says for taxi get letter from your doctor sent to them i can't walk very far but my Dr faxed the letter and my appointment has been changed twice due to my Dr's letter and possible for a home visit I don't mind going to them it will kill me i never asked for the home visit that was all them. 

  • make an official complaint via your MP, they threatened me with sanctions I replied go ahead! DR sent a report stating "IT would be detrimental to not only my health but it could endanger others if I had to go outside my comfort zone" I dont know about endanger others but I am agoraphobic and on Morphine amongst other class C drugs all Prescription , NO street drugs just medication from prescripttions from Drs and Consultants! just to be clear, they can not refuse a home visit "IF" you are on certain drugs suffer agrophobia or have oxygen etc etc etc if they do refuse Notify them you will be speaking to your MP and local media! they certainly do NOT like the publicity!!!