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ESA pip

Has anyone noticed that both pip and ESA tarred with the same brush . I have depression and severe anxiety and to top it of I also have diabetes type 2 . And under the Dwp they don't recognise any of these as being disabled. Also the people that assess you know themselves that it is a disability but continue to twist and lie just to fill their own pockets and greed. Since a the government brought these assessments into play all it has done is spent millions on appeals which are nearly all won by the disabled person. So why doesn't the government take a good look and see for it self that they screwed millions by the assessors and put a stop to it.

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I don't know about diabetes but sufferers of anxiety and depression can get ESA and PIP. It's not what the illness is but how it affects you which is totally different. How the forms are worded is very important and there is lots of help out there by the CAB, disability helpline centres, and the internet itself.

The government, in my opinion, brought in all the changes in an attempt to save money as part of their ideological attack on the poor and disabled. They keep making it harder to claim because they are not saving enough money.


Playing devil's advocate here. I think the issue is that a person needs to be suffering badly enough that they literally cannot work. There are a lot of people claiming benefits who do not really need them and this is the problem. People who can otherwise lead a normal life most of the time (and have no idea what severe illness is even like). I know people with diabetes and people with anxiety who manage their problems and still work. Clinical depression is a whole different ballgame of course but a person still needs to prove that the depression is severely debilitating (psychotic, cognitive dysfunction, dissociation etc) and that it is not acute but a chronic illness that severely impacts every area of their life.

As I understand it, Pip is intended for the worst cases in people who couldn't hold down a job if they wanted to and this is why they test people so harshly.

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I think you are being too generalised here. Many people need benefits while they are working so they can work less hours because of their illness. Because of my depression and stress I couldn't work full time so cut down to 4 days a week. I could only do this coz I got lower rate DLA. If I hadn't got this I would have struggled financially, had to work fulltime and probably lost my job because of my illness. I did in the end but it enabled me to stay employed for a lot longer and be a taxpayer. Much better than to end up on benefits.

Another person at work had RA and got middle rate DLA which enabled her to only work 20 hours a week. She couldn't do any more hours because of the pain.

The same would apply with PIP. It is much better to help workers stay at work then throw them onto full time benefits.

I am not say there are no scammers of the system - of course there are - but it seems to be genuinely sick people who are suffering most under the harsh rules.

The Govt. have actually admitted that part of the purpose of PIP is to save money. Often sick people can't cope with the system so don't claim or appeal and they treat this as 'proof' that their policies are working and these people weren't genuine. . .


Clearly that's your opinion and you don't know me so why do you say things like this I find it extremely offensive. Plus I have severe depression as I live on the street , I sleep in a doorway at night . Try it yourself and you will know how depressed I am and I don't take drugs or drink either.

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Clebb, people are entitled to express their opinions in regards to your situation and in what you are asking in regards the DWP system.

But that said I do feel for you in regards the situation you are in , but I would have thought that you could be classed as vulnerable and therefor have the right to ask your local area to house you in temporary accommodation at least until they properly assess you.

The feelings you have for the assessment around the system are well founded as the whole business for me was hell and so stressful that it's impact can and does cause you to possibly go deeper into depression and causes you to be more anxious because when you are suffering and people do not believe you, (it is not because of their refusal to grant benefits) it's because nobody believes you because of the benefits, that makes the whole process bloody awful on your mind and body.

Recently the govt secretary for the DWP said that he was going to end the whole business of re-assessments for people with disability because of the undue pressure brought to bear on people who are vulnerable, so it is not all doom and gloom and I do believe that there are some good people working in the DWP that are trying so hard to be fair, but you need to have the judgement of Soloman when trying to fairly look at peoples situation in regards to their disability.

So try and see it from their point of you and it may help you put up with some of the crap that surrounds the business of assessing you and yes the Human-condition being what it is means that there will be people assessing you that says more about them and their feeling's rather than your disability issues and in regards to granting them in their assessment of you.

But hey what the hell, who want's to be fucking disabled, so hang on in there and get yourself over to some Hostel or see the social services in your area where you are sleeping rough and they will and must help if you are vulnerable and they will help you with assessment issues all the best Alex


But PIP is paid if you are working.

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