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hi ive been out of work for two years have battled depression and am getting through it i still have anxiety bouts and my doctor got me onto esa..i started an ou course and also just got a part time job just a couple of days..i dont want to get into trouble but i need to keep my esa money and housing benefit or i will be on the streets..am i doing anything wrong by working a few hours .any advice would be helpfull thankyou

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  • You can work up to 16 hours and still be on esa. Just let them know.

    Im on esa as I cant work due to depression.  I would like a part time job.

    Well done. Take care. 

  • thanks golfer appriciate your reply

  • Hello blossom. I don't know the position on esa but wanted to give you a big pat on the back for getting through depression, starting the OU course , and a part time job.

    You sound as if you must have all the right attitudes to fight depression and anxiety and with those attitudes I think its likely that your life will continue to improve and even if depression and anxiety strike in the future you'll get better and better at coping with them. My hope is that they don't affect you again but if they do,you now know  your enemy.

    I would read and study a bit about relaxation and breathing exercises. I don't get much anxiety but i found reading about meditation gave me a way of finding islands of serenity and relaxation in the grey oceans of depression and I'm sure that would give you an island of relaxation during an ahxiety attack. 

    I hope so .you deserve it.


  • aww thankyou

  • You can work up to sixteen hours, but you must tell them. Good luck with your studies

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