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I am so bored,  lonely, helpless hopeless, depressed angry, I have suicidal moments. I keep asking what is it all about. I have no siblings no cousins in this country, no kids. I am married but I don't know how my wife puts up with it. I feel alienated.  I am bored at work,  I am working with condescending patronising people.  Anytime there's a chance to do something different another bloke steps in and takes the limelight.  I'm 46 years old.  Oh another thing I have been stalked for nearly 34 years.  On and off.  I can take no more.  I feel life ain't worth living 

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  • To be honest, sometimes it can be a blessing having no Siblings Lol, serious !!

    If you are unhappy with your work is this affecting your married life?? as you say you have no children is this causing problems at home

    We have no children, although that was a decision we both made after we got married. 

    Where are you from ??. Can you not visit your home country ??

    You need to ask yourself is this job worth the hassle, it is always more easy to look for a new position when you are working in another company.

    With regards to suicide, it is just not worth it, you feel sorry for your wife now ? if you attempt suicide and fail she will have so many regrets anger and sadness, also loss of trust will affect Her and Your relationship.

    If you do manage to end it all your Widow will never recover from the shock and feeling of a loss, She will most probably blame  herself and could affect her remaining years. Suicide is a selfish act and believe me when I say not worth the pain.

    Talk yo your GP and explain your worries and concerns, there are treatments that can put some of the bad bits of your life in some form of context. If you are unhappy you need to approach each on and deal with the problem, changes may need to be made, inform our wife and discuss your concerns.

    We are always around to help and support you


  • I am from the United Kingdom.  I need to find some other job. To add to all my problems the father in law died last year and my dad was in hospital.  My life seems a never ending cycle of hammer blows 

  • Yes life can be ard and the loss and illness can cause a great deal of problems that are difficult, although we need to be able to put these worries and depression to one side . Sometimes we need to stand back from problems and consider ourselves and our own worries and concerns.

    Depending on the loss it can take upwards of two years to recover from a loss, you will need to consider if you are having problems and if so approach your GP for some CBT. With regards your Father and His admittance to hospital and treatment that can also be a concern as we begin to understand the person has not been vital as He was in the past. Whatever anyone says only you know our own feelings and come to terms with them. You will need to come to terms with these concerns, that is why I suggest you see your GP and arrange some form of treatment,

    No-one really knows what your problems are at work and how to get around the problems you seem  to have, a sounding board may help and a CPN may be able to help you come to terms with your unsettled time.

    Talk to your GP


  • Davidski I just wrote long reply and it got deleted.

    I'm sorry to hear you are going through a rough patch again. It sounds like you are having some very difficult feelings right now. Has anything in particular happened to set it off or is it how you have been feeling generally? 

    Are you involved with mental health at all; do you have CPN or worker you could talk things over with? 

    I hope it has helped a little to write it out on here. We are all in the same boat here and support each other. 

    Gemma x

  • Hi there I was interested to read you have been stalked for so long! Is this person someone you know? Have you reported it? Are you in a rut and need to make some drastic changes? Bring a little joy and pleasure into your life? Worth considering a change. 

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