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Hey everyone, 4 and a half weeks ago I weaned myself off my 40mg fluoxetine per day dose. Have been coping ok but at times not really well at all. The last few days I have been sick again and having head spins like when I first went off them. is that normal?

Im not coping with not taking them and its affecting my relationship with my partner as I am irritated a lot and am not as happy as I used to be. I mainly have the most trouble when I have pms. its really bad and causing us grief. what should I do?\

Cuz I am seriously wanting to go back on them next week. but my parents aren't happy about that :(

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  • Assuming your an adult your health is your business and concern and not your parents. If your GP prescribed Fluoxetine , and more importantly if you felt it was helping you, you should have discussed weaning yourself off it with your GP.

    My advice would be if you want to go back on Fluoxetine would be to ask your GP if there is any other AD you could try as finding the best for you involves experimenting with others and you'll always have fluoxetine in reserve if you feel it helped.

    If you want to try only natural remedies Jim Phelps excellent American site, has a big list of things you could try but you have to read all he writes (which is quite a lot) for maximum benefit.


  • Hi there Rachms11

    Firstly, I like to say that it is you who are suffering not your parents. I take it you are over sixteen and have been to your Doctor, who has prescribed the medication. I would never advise anyone to wean themselves off medication without discussing this first with your Doctor. I can understand that you're parents are unhappy about it but surely they understand that you have a medical issue whether it's mental or physical.

    It's very well known that PMT causes a great deal of mental distress for many, and I do hope you told your Doctor that it was at this time that you have all these symptoms, as there so much more out there for the problem nowadays.

    Please, do go back to the Doctor and discuss it with him and in the meantime, I have a link that discusses 'How to tell your family and children about your mental health'


  • I've weaned myself off ADs before and yes, those effects sound all too familiar. Actually I'm currently on the same dosage and drug, and although I'm currently drinking too much alcohol for them to have their full effect, I'm not convinced they ever helped, and wasn't happy about going back on them anyway.

    As others have said it is best to consult your GP before trying to get yourself off them, providing you have a vaguely understanding one who respect your decision that they are not helping you.

    Based on what I've read they affect everyone quite differently, with only a proportionally small amount receiving a clear-cut lift in mood from them.

  • thanks everyone. I really needed to read your replies to feel better. im 25, but my parents and partner don't want me to spend the rest of my life on them. I don't either, but maybe I might have to? Cuz when I was on them I was feeling a lot better than I do now. I also told me partner EVERYTHING last night about my metal health and past. I sort of regret it but I also feel a lot lighter too. he said he used to make fun of people like me. but then said he was joking when I said that hurt me.

    Is the best way to go about handling this with him just to not talk to him about it anymore now that ive told him everything and have been 100% honest?? thank u all for ur help

  • ive found that while opening up and being honest has enormous benefits, you need to be careful not to go over painful ground too often. Its more important to focus on positives - i think you're right to not want to keep returning to painful and uncomfortable places too often- but make sure you have the space to talk about these things should you need to. I have just returned to meds and had a similar experience , but you (we both) need to realise that you have a genuine medical condition caused by brain chemistry that the drugs can help with. Ive found that talking therapies are helpful to an extent but they are not a 'cure', the low mood can still return. Its difficult for people who havent experienced low mood to understand, but you know that the drugs worked for you - you do not have to suffer in silence for years - or feel any sort of shame - just to please other people - this is your life you are living and you can take control and enjoy it.

  • Thank you, you are so right x

  • Hi rachms11

    Sounds like you're in a really difficult position without understanding from the people closest to you. My instant reaction is: don't be overly influenced by what your parents say. They may think they have your best interests at heart but they are not the ones who have to live with what you're going through. So perhaps you could tell them politely but very firmly to back off. This really is between you and your GP.

    I took myself off 40 mg fluoxetine very abruptly just over a year ago but regretted it very much a couple of months later when I had a hideous slump. I went back on them and am still on 40 mg a day. I'm not sure how much benefit they are but I'd rather be with them than without them at this stage and I accept that I may be on them for life (I'm also having psychotherapy which I hope will help with the depression in the long term).

    I also think it's good that you've opened up to your boyfriend even if you didn't get exactly the response you hoped for. Better to be honest with him than hide anything.

    Talk to your GP about your meds, and about the PMS, and remember all the coping strategies for bad days (a bit of fresh air and exercise if you can, something nice and healthy to eat, be kind to yourself etc).

    Hope this helps

  • Yes it helps a lot thanknu x did returning to your meds make u sure the same way when u first went on them? I'm worried what if they don't work as well?

  • I really don't know how much they help me or whether they are as effective as before. But even if all they do is take the edge off things then that's worth it to me. I guess I'm viewing meds as one tool in my armoury (alongside therapy, gradual lifestyle changes etc.) and personally, I wouldn't be without them. Especially as i have no negative side effects.

  • Yea I don't have any bad side effects either. Im low on energy a lot but that's always the case unfortunately for me. I feel so much happier knowing I'll be bs know on them soon n feeling a lot better!!

  • You have my sympathy and understanding as I did the same last year. Iwas on 20 mg fluoxetine but came off and thought I would be ok. I was for a bit but then went rapidly down hill. You really need to speak to your GP as soon as possible. Many people have a negative view of antidepressant medication but its actually a life saver! People would not say that about any other drug that was saving lives would they? If it helps you should take it. Suffering in silence is not an option for you. I hope that helps

  • That's exactly right! Did u end up going back on them! It's a public holiday where I live today but I'm making an appointment first thing tomorrow to see my new gp. Unfortunately my old one has left and he was great. Will be interesting to see what the new one is like

  • Hello Rachms11

    I agree with all the previous replies.

    While your parents obviously care about you, they may have different personal attitudes to medication, esp regarding mental health.

    I too suffer severe PMS. It is horrendous!!! I hate it. I am waiting to see a gynaecologist for treatment as there is no more my GO can help me with.

    I will suggest a few things you may wish to try if you haven't already.

    Vitamin B6, my Gp gave me 50mg to try. Magnesium 400mg per day and evening primrose oil - 2-3000mg.

    There are other SSRIs that women use for PMS, escitalopram and sertraline are two that spring to mind. Escitalopram seems to be very successful at low doses e.g. 5 mg too, which means you can avoid some side effects.

    Venlafaxine is popular as it works quickly, that's an SNRI, some women only take a tablet in the last half, luteal phase of their cycle, and this is why they tend to like venlafaxine, for its speedy uptake.

    Try and keep a diary for a few months, it's worth doing to see it if it truly menstrually related or menstrual exacerbated depression.

    Go back to your GP, and discuss your periods/PMS too 💗

  • Hi. Sorry, I forgot to mention there is a contraceptive pill called Yasmin that is licensed for treatment for PMS.

    I used it when I was a bit younger and it helped a lot. I'm a little older now and it doesn't agree with me unfortunately.

  • I currently use Yasmin! Have done for a few years and has done wonders on my skin and period. I felt ok for a few weeks after going off fluoxetine, I did have the withdrawals but wasn't to bad. But now it starting to get depressed again. Thanks so much for your reply 💕

  • Thanks everyone for ur help. Means so much to talk to others who get it. Question though- can u stay taking antidepressants if u are hoping to become pregnant in 1-2 years time? Cuz we want to have kids in probably at least 2 years time when we have things more settled and done what we want to do but I think he thinks I can't if I'm pregnant or when we're raising a child???

  • Also so its not Unusual to feel dizzy, have upset stomach, headaches and down in the dumps this long after going off fluoxetine even though I felt better before not long after I quitted it?

  • Hi Rachms

    Yes i went back on them and am ok now. I take 40mg fluoxetine a day. I am leading a pretty normal life. I had an interview last week and i will be moving house soon, so some big stuff and I am coping ok. I need this medication so I take it. Simples!!

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