Chest pain

For the past month I've been having chest pain, headaches, been dizzy, akward taste in my mouth, muscle spasms, lower abdominal pain. I've been to the er three times they did alot of tests but everything came back good. Total they did three chest x rays, a head and abdomen ct scan, took blood twice, did an ekg. I feel like im going to die at any moment i suffer from anxiety and depression real bad. If something was gonna kill me they would have found it right? Im really scared im only 17. It feels as if my life Went from beginning to ending in a snap of a finger. Could it be anxiety or depression causing this? Does anyone have any similar problems? Could it be a nerve disorder? I'm really scared please help!!

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  • You could be having panic attacks I have never had one but the symptoms you are describing are some you get with a panic attack. They are pretty scary I know a friend who used to have them.  I hope you get answers soon as you are very young. Perhaps your GP might be more use than ER. 

  • I totally agree, you need check -up with your doc, not ER visits.

    Ask ER to send your test results to your doc ( X-rays, scans, blood work etc. to your  regularly 

    He will be qualified to s

  • I went to the drs they said i probably have ashtma

  • "Probably " have asthma ????  If you have asthma, they would put you on inhalers and possibly steroid when flare up???What did they give you or tell you to do ?

  • Tyler ..  seems you have a lot of issues going on right now   the more you panic about things the worse it gets right..? i would say it is anxiety panic atatcks which is all the things you are having.. dreadful as it is hun  it can be sorted out, you have had every check up and your normal ok so its a issue your doctor needs to try to help  with a psychologist..  talking therapy  is a good start ...  go back to doctor   get this help .. hugs x

  • Yes the more i think about it the worse it gets

  • Your're right - the tests have ruled out any other medical conditions so that was a good sign.  Perhaps mild sedatives and a relaxation program would help.  5% of people have a panic attack in their lifetimes.  My mother did in her 30's and it IS a scary helpless feeling.  I hope you feel better and would suggest going to the doctor to have them prescribe something to alleviate the anxiety.  You have youth on your side and I am certain this problem will be resolved so that you're back to your old self.

  • Hi health anxiety is very real but you have had the tests and nothing has been found.  There is an anxiety site on here which might be able to help you as well.  x

  • Hello 

    They seem to have approached your problem with a battery of tests that have not shown any problems, so it may be anxiety, do you know of any reason why you would suffer and be stressed and depressed, to know the reasons can help you cope.

    Talk to your GP and He should be able to help.

    If you are taking medications some drugs will leave a taste in your mouth.