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I'm really bored even the thought of going on my computer isn't helping and thats something that's always give me joy I just really wanted to sleep or eat and I chose eat and I'm beginning to regret it so much I've had 2 sausages 8chicken nuggets 1 chicken steak thing and I don't know what to do now I cant eat anymore becuase I'm feeling completely sick and hate myself for going over the top this morning I just started crying for no reason and I think I'm using food for comfort and something to do and if you read my other posts this is good for me in terms of I'm eating I just can't see any good side to this at all I feel so wrong I want to make myself sick but I can't even do that I really don't want to eat for comfort it makes me feel worse in the long run I wasnt even hungry 

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You are eating because of boredom, I cannot understand what you are getting out of that problem. Generally it is a comfort to eat and sometimes that can relate to sweets.

Do you feel you are eating because of mood or is it something more related to the feelings you wish to impart on others. Whatever the problem is I would advise a visit to your GP and discuss the reasons for your actions.

Generally we eat chocolate when low then complain bitterly when we put on weight.

Consider your actions and discuss all with your Surgery. You need to address these worries and sort out your worries with an input with your GP

We are always around for a chat


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