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Worse at night

Hi , I'm struggling with fatigue issues I belive at least in part due to low low test levels caused by opiod meds and need to see the endo as an emergency , just tried to use the online nhs booking service and saw that the nearest appointment is 114 days away and at my local hospital it says they have limited appointments, I'm booking to get my blood put right not to see if I can get a holiday in time for summer, anyway does anyone find there depression worse at night and become moody and can't sleep even though they have been tired all day, seem to get a kind of sleep anxiety as if I'm worried how I'm going to be the next day etc, can I get up or I know I'm going to be fatigued again, just want my life back again but everyday I turn it seems a mountain.

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I would have thought your GP is your first contact. Or whoever prescribed your medication. If it's an emergency your GP will arrange for you to see someone quickly surely. I'd go back to see your surgery. Best of luck



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