How to sleep at night

I need help on getting to sleep ok so I can turn off the light and sit in darkness looking at nothing for hours sometimes it gets light outside I just don't seem to fall asleep its screwing with my school a lot now and I don't know what to do if I lay too long my mind starts to race and I hate it when this happens as I start to think about things I don't want to what can I do to stop my constant insomnia and another problem is waking up my body doesn't know when too I slept 17hours 1 night I went downstairs and it was already getting dark so it takes me forever going to sleep but when I'm asleep my body doesn't know what to wake up


Spent 2 hours staring at nothing now it's light and I'm not tired

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  • I have the same problem. I got some tablets from my GP but they're quite strong so I usually take them when I really need to. Have you tried Kalms? Sleep is a common thing with depression. I can barely sleep in a week and sleep all day and night. It's hard to find the balance as I'm struggling with this too. Have you spoken to your GP?

  • I haven't spoke to a doctor yet my sister says she wants to take me but I'm terrified of what they will think idk what to say

    And I haven't tried anything to help me sleep mum just thinks its because I stay up all night but I don't choose to stay up

  • It took me months to go to mine because I was scared of white might think. They're there to help and I know it's a huge step for you, it is for anyone but it'll be the best step you can do right now. The first step to getting on the right track.

  • I seriously feel you need to see your GP as this is a medical problem, with you still being at school this will affect your work and results. Tell you parents that you have this difficulty and it is making you anxious. We all need to sleep, to switch off and recouperate. At your age you should not be having a racing mind full of negative or bad thoughts. Seek medical help this week, once you have done this you will start to feel better, remember to tell the GP exactly what you have told us on the site 😊😊

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi Leo this problem is related to your other ones. Until you take our continual advice and get yourself to the doctors for professional help there is not much we or anyone can do.

    Take the help your sister offers and she can talk to them for you if you can't yourself. x

  • I have had the same problem for the whole of my life, through infancy 

    (my late Mothere has provided that bit of information ) through to my teenage days. My Mother took me to see the GP at the age of around twelve, she explaiend the GP what the problem was and although he synpathised he felt I was too young to be treated with medication. She took me back when I was fourteen and this time he prescribed some nitrazepam. To begin with, they worked and therefore I continued to take them on a repeat prescription. No one told me how addictive they are and still now I take them after some thirty years. Your GP will be helpful since, as someone on tis site suggested and he may or may not prescribe medication. If that is tghe case then ask the pharmacist to supply them to you in the manufactures leaflet and read that very carefullly. It's lonely at 4 in the morning when no birds sing and no cars are on the road and no people engaged in conversation or shouting at one another when being runk! Good luck.

  • Hi there sympathy with your non sleeping. It is a really common problem here in UK. The solution may be simpler than you imagine, and will not involve addictive medications either. There have been some interesting TV programmes about this issue recently.

    Our sleep response is controlled by a hormone named Serotonin. Several factors can affect this working as it should to induce quality sleep:

    Stress - try to do something relaxing before bedtime. Avoid stimulants, like coffee, canned drinks, sugary foods etc.

    Daylight or artificial light - gradually decrease the amount of light, but not total darkness. On light nights, I wear a lightweight travel mask . This also works if am "catching up" on sleep during daytime.

    Food - Avoid solid food 3-4 hrs before sleeping.. Carbos take this long to digest, so your stomach can keep you awake. The old idea of having a milky drink as a "nightcap" is a tried and tested one.

    Static electricity in your sleeping area- switch off all devices and things like noisy clocks, etc.

    Bedding - ask yourself how comfortable this is. Some modern fabrics give off static and just don't allow your body to maintain an even temp. Buy a new pillow and stick to 100% cotton if poss.

    Physical tension - do not "toss and turn". Get up, walk something you know relaxes you for a while. Write down any task or worry and leave it on the paper, so it does not become larger as you go over and over it. Practice some relaxation techniques so that you have some power over your muscles.

    If NON of these suggestions work, then you may have to seek medical advice.

    I am fortunate in that I have no time constraints on when I have to sleep or wake up, so I just wait until my body tells me that am tired. Certain meds have not helped at all, so prefer to use natural methods.

    Good luck with achieving a regular sleep pattern!

  • Hi,

    A good sleep routine might help you.

    Things like:

    making sure you don't take caffeinated drinks after 6 p.m. at night.

    You stop using computers and electronics an hour before you go to bed.

    That you do something relaxing in the hour before you go to bed and possibly even a glass of water to ensure you are not dehydrating during the night.

    Keep a pad and pen by your bed and if any thoughts do wake you then write them down.

    You may need to work with someone to help you find the sleep routine that works for you. (I am still working on getting mine sorted out. Thought I had it sorted, but it's just not there yet. :-) )

    I agree that getting advise is the way to go if you are other problems your lack of sleep could be related and you need to get everything sorted and then you'll sleep better.

    Take care.

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