I've had enough

Morning guys. It's half 5 in the morning and I'm wide awake, with no sleep at all. I'm so fed up. All of this is tearing me down. I actually feel like I'm going insane. Everything I feel is just so... up in the air. I have no idea what to. I got in contact with Leeds IAPT and after a lengthy phone call they referred me to someone else who was supposed to get in touch with me in 1-3 days but, I have heard nothing so far and this was on Thursday. I feel I need to go to hospital but I'm scared. I need help, now. I'm tired of all of it. I just can't go by myself, I'm so scared. I lost my family, my friends when I had a breakdown and admitted myself. I can't go through that now, not ever again.

Please, what can I do? I JUST WANT IT ALL TO STOP 😭😭😭😭😭

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  • Morning _LaurCarnage. Hang on in there. Give Leeds IAPT a call this morning and see if they have progressed your referral and explain to them you need help sooner. If you don't want to go directly to the hospital, can you see another health professional, like your GP? Speaking to someone helps. When I was really low and felt that everything was against me and I had nobody to talk to I called the Samaritans and sometimes I emailed them. It really helped me to just speak and take the pressure off a bit so I could carry on with my everyday life. Things will get better. Please go and speak to someone today Xxx

  • All I can suggest is give them a further view days to contact you. The period of time has been over the a weekend.

    If you are feeling so bad call 111 and they can contact the Crisis Team if needed.

    You could try your GP although it would seem your appointment will most probably be earlier than that of the Surgery.

    If it is just for a chat because of your Negative Mood call the Samaritans.

    If you still find the wait is really to long give them a call and ask if something has been arranged, the mental health system has been creaking at the seems for a time so appointments may take longer to arrange.

    Good Luck


  • I agree with BOB and Spring. I sincerely hope that you get help soon.

    the samaritans free number is 116 123.

  • It's so hard to talk about it. It's like limbo, I want to scream but nothing's coming out. I just want it to stop. That's all.

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