The gloves are off

Hi, well I'm seething now!! I've had enough of phone backs from doctors and directions to come back in two weeks and then unable to get an appointment , I've had it up to the roof with this Ned that med this and that med. I've had it with the problems in your neck, no it's in your elbow no it's in your neck. I'm done with antidepressent s that make depressed and pain meds that don't work or cause me to be like a zombie. Now my partner is breaking down with dealing with this, not enough tablets in the box or the doctor hasn't signed the med off . Blah blah blah, the truth is I'm in a lot of pain, the simple nerve problem hasn't been dealt with and I now have life long damage, antidepressents that make me I'll instead suicidel as it says on the box so I'm going to throw my rattle out of my pram and try and sue the nhs for negligence. It's a mess from trying to get an appointment to getting your meds to the original surgerys that went not as to plan to the psychiatrysts that you can't hold off. Anyone here decided enough is enough??

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  • my wife is a nurse working at a pain clinic. their patients come in every 6 months or so to get a shot for pain that does not leave them groggy or incapacitated in any way. have you thought about trying out a pain clinic for chronic pain? the medical profession can't come up with a remedy for everything but it sure seems like the injections they give their patients living with chronic pain some measure of quality to their lives that they can't get anywhere else.

    good luck and best wishes to you.


  • One day my daughter heard me say, 'I can't deal with these people anymore.' 'I'll do it for you Mom,' And she has, only the ones who make me crazy, I like to be in charge, but when I'm sick and in pain I love having a support person. Just a thought, I hope things get better soon.

  • How old was your daughter when she offered help vintage me ??

  • She's in her thirties, married with three kids and a full time job. She works in medical billing which gives her a bit of an edge. She is a huge help to me in so many ways. One of my daughters-in-law has also offered her support if my daughter needs it. I am blessed

  • That's a weight off your mind , we have my partners make sure all our bills are paid online correctly .

  • Difficult enough when you're well, impossible when you're ill.

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