How long is this or me going to last

Packed in my duloxatine 5 weeks ago now and stepped down to escitralopran as directed by my new psych, well I can tell you it's not been a fun ride. Nope it's been hell!! Apart from feeling so ill that I think I would have been better of being frozen and woken up in six months time the sweats are still following me round like an Indian monsoon, strange noises are all to regular in s place its best not to have those noises, it feels like tyson is doing ghostly body punches to my stomach, I've a permanent mind ache, sleep is pretty hit and miss even after 50 mg of tamazapam !!! Depression , well it's lucky my oven is broke as I'm sure my head would have been wedged in the door by now, I did manage to cadge 3 or 4 lorazapam and that gave me a half type releif but apart from that it stills like I'm being poisoned with polonium .

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  • Hi, that is not good. I'd suggest speaking to your psych as soon as you can. I know that in December I tried to reduce my Venalfaxin and that was only my 37 mg and it was not good. I was seeing my GP every 4 weeks at the time, so I ended up getting the dosage increased again. At the moment we've agreed to keep the dose at the current level till June and then I am going to try and reduce the dosage again. Sleeps hit or miss for me at the moment as well, but I am trying diffusing essential oils to help with that. Not working this evening, but that's my brain mulling over a meeting I had today.

    Hopefully you can get this sorted out soon and start feeling better. If you have been doing other things to help you along with the medication then make sure you are doing those. I worked with a psychologist last year and use the techniques that I was working on with her on a daily basis and when I do get those down days I make sure to be extra attentive to the mindfulness and thought dairies to pick up on why I feel down and to get me back on top again.

    Take care and I hope you are able to get some sleep this evening. You can and will get through this.

  • We try and use Lavender for helping us get to sleep.

    For the next two/three nights we are sleeping in the spare room as the decorator is painting the ceiling and papering the walls, so sleep is awkward.

    So hopefully I will be back into our bedroom by Monday

    Next week I will be having operations on both my hands, I am lucky that my trigger fingers can be sorted without sedatives or gas etc so I hope all will go well, although it is a worry I will have a nip of malt before bed, sometimes I find a rum and hot milk with brown sugar helps to knock me out and make me sleep when worried.

    Any excuse !!!!


  • I havent had your experiences but suffered for a few days each tine i reduced my medication dose. Had to take to bed and avoid work each time i reduced by 5mg.

    I do feel much better of it now. Mindfulness and regular chats with counselor and psych helped.

    i am now off citalopram for depression for the last six months and my wife says i am back to my old self most of the time. she blames the side effects for a lot of my symptoms and i have to agree. I don't get all the negative self talk all the time. just occcasionally.

    Starting full time role next week!

    I had to keep focusing on the longer term outcomes of being off the drugs.

    Small steps to get better and try to focus on the positive

    Take care


  • Be careful with your medicaton, my friend. You need to be certain that yoiu are using it rather than the other way round. Benzodiazipines are fine for a short while then that particular devil of addiction begins to fasten its claws into you, firm and firmer. You are the only person in the entire Universe let alone th earth wh knows your body and youjr mind in each and every tiny atom it is made of. I have suffered at the hands of psychiatrists over the years. These days languaguage has been replaced by the prescription pad. Yesterday I had a meeting with my psychiatrist, Dr Moosa, who knows full well my feelings regarding his profession, we have clashed numerous times over the years, and he seemed to be a different man, actually speaking to me rathjer than the other six people in the room and the reasdon for that is he had a trainee with him! Best behaviour. If you show even a glmpse of intelligence the psychiatrists seem to regard yopu as somhow unworthy. One psychiatrist I saw whenb speaking asbout sleep - I don't call it sleep and so refer to it as an achieved unconsciousness - asked how many nirtazepam I had taken in any7 one night to achiecve unconscousness and my reply was five. He said he was happy to,mprescribe at that level. The rest is

    history or as Prince Hamlet famously remarked 'everythihng else is silence'.

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