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Feeling Ungrateful


Ever since new years I've been feeling ungrateful, depressed! No one wants to go out and play football with me, no girl has dared to talk to me unless if it's about insulting me or picking on me (because that's what my classmates do) ; and my parents are totally broked. Last year I was very grateful and happy because I discovered and learned new things like: Falling deep in love and not expecting nothing in return, also being part of a team for the first time and won a dance contest, but as the time passed all that pride, those emotions faded away.

Now I haven't really spoked to a girl due to rejection since July (Since my "EX" left me) and that lead me to a porn addiction and sometime I don't know to leave that addiction because even though I smile to a girl, they don't smile back in fact; they look at me with hate and pure rejection, and that's a reason I feel like this. Right now I am in conflict with my family, friends and everyone! I have no one but me self... And a screen full pornagraphy with no one to actually be with.

After watching the Super Bowl with best friends, they have stopped talking me, and started hiding things from me, and I really don't know why?! I feel bitterish that I hadn't cried since July, and prayed since December, The more I try to push a tear I can't and kneel my self to the Lord either... All I can feel is anger, like tackling someone

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Hi I am sorry you are going through this. You sound very young and it's hard to know what to say to you without a few more details. How old are you please? x

CatLikeThief in reply to Hidden

I am 16



You seem to be going through that young, uncertain period in your teens.

We do not know your age and that dictates what sort of support we can give. the age we start to support is sixteen.

If you are feeling that everyone you know has turned away because of your attitude there must be some reason why you are feeling that way and your peers must also pick up on your feelings as well. You need to address those feelings. Sometimes people pick up on our mood and if you are so uncertain because of low mood people will find you hard work and pick up on something wrong. If you are walking around with a flat attitude people will also think you are a misery.

Can you tell me what has caused this problem, or is it just you who are feeling low and unable to respond to those around you. Could you be trying to hard to impress or is it something to do with the chattering classes ie your past girlfriend ?.

If you are depressed I would advise a GP appointment to discuss those feelings. CBT could be an option although again your GP may need to take into account your age and private and personal life, to find out your problem. Are you taking examinations soon or are you feeling stressed with school work ?.

Something needs to be addressed, how did the relationship break up ?


CatLikeThief in reply to Hidden

I think that the cause of this is because I've been taking things to personal lately, and yes I'm 16.

My relationship ended in one through another; like my friends she started to keep things secretly, and I asked about it a few times until she finally told me that she's in love with another guy, well I did something about it and it didn't worked, until my birthday that she told that; I am a waste of her time. As I was blind in love I keept trying to work things out until she blocked me, and since then I hadn't cried about my problems; till last night that I wrote this.

I asked a friend of what's going on with them and she never replied (She's my female Best friend) and that hadn't let me sleep at all. What hurts me about this is not what seems to be the truth, what Hurt's me is that she's hiding something from me and I feel backstabbed.

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When we are young and in our Teens our first love becomes the sweetest and we all feel we will never find another love like it.

At this time of life we are finding our way through various changes and we begin to have relationships that were not possible as a child. We are becoming older, life becomes more complex and other peoples needs need to be taken into account.

Generally women move on faster than the male at this time, this then causes problems in young fresh relationships and when they break up it can feel we can never love again.

Your Girlfriend now has moved on, for whatever reason and now you need to let go and consider what would have happened if in say two years you had a child also moved in together and either one of you decided you needed to move on for whatever reason as these breaks can be caused by a million reasons.

You have a stack of things to explore in life, gain from experience and that your Ex has been grown up sufficiently to feel this relationship was going nowhere and has moved on.

When I was sixteen I was really like you at seventeen I was engaged and was with someone until I was twenty one when the relationship failed just before marriage. It was one hell of a breakup and I did not have another date for two years. eventually after many girlfriends I married a local girl who had moved away from here, then returned. Believe me understand you are going to have many girlfriends, many relationships will breakdown and on occasions you will feel really bad and sad when that happens. In some cases you will do the breaking up.

Give yourself time there are many fish in the sea, when you have that relationship that feels really right both you and partner will know it.

Now I have been married for about forty years and we are still very happy.

Be kind to yourself, you will go through these feelings many times before the right one is found


Talk to your friends and ask them why they they have stopped talking to you then you can sort it out.

As far as relationships are concerned they are hard work ....your only young so concentrate on yourself for now and build up your confidence and work at your friendships and talk to your gp then when you know yourself better you can think about a relationship


Hi do you think you might be suffering from depression? If so you need to speak to someone about it. There should be a school counsellor or go to your doctors. Have you told your parents how you feel? x


Yes I can see why you feel ungrateful. Your girlfriend left for someone else, that's rejection. Who wouldn't feel hurt and angry? Who wouldn't feel sensitive to more rejection?

I guess your porn women can't reject you. Is that the attraction?

Everyone keeps secrets, it just depends on what the secrets are. It sounds as if your faith is important to you, so not being able to pray is painful. It's ok. I know some very devote people who have experienced this. It takes time.

It is difficult growing from a boy into a man. It is difficult being at the crossroads when sometimes you feel like a child and sometimes you feel like an adult.

Things change and this too will pass.


Thank you! I watch less porn now and let time flow and hope I find a girlfriend.

Thank you for your support! :)

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