How to keep going?

Just found out I need another foot surgery, had an infected tooth pulled and need another one and new dentures. Since 2012, I have had 7 major surgeries, my mother passed, had to have my son commited for schizophrenia, lost my credit and newer car because of supporting schizophrenic and alcoholic sons when they lost jobs. Now, I am 70. Struggle with copd, need another surgery, new denture (no money) have no car, have severe rls, found out I am having mini strokes, a new diagnosis of a bad sinus problem. Am depressed and overwhelmed. And do not know how to keep going. Please help.


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  • Hi you certainly have been through the mill you poor lady, no wonder you are feeling overwhelmed and distressed by it all. It sounds like you have reached rock bottom but do remember the only way from here is up. Life will get better trust me. You sound like a very strong person to have coped with what would have broken a lesser one, now find the strength to fight for yourself. You can do it.

    Have you been to your doctors as meds and/or counselling might be able to help you. Life sometimes is a real isn't it and I do emphasise with you.

    Stay with us here as we all understand depression and we will do our very best to help and support you. The site is quiet at the moment but I am sure others will be in soon. Lots of hugs Bev xx

  • Thank you so much for caring Bev. I am trying.

  • It's not easy though is it olgamarie? I am not far off your age (61) and have come to the conclusion that the secret of life is endurance, with a few happy memories thrown in for good measure. Folk like us are the great survivors aren't we? The walking wounded. Bev xx

  • Hello Olgamarie, at 70 you have to expect some health problems but you seem to be getting a lot more than your share.

    Do you have no one else in the family who can give you some advice and help ? To have had sons with schizophrenia and alcoholism must have been heart breaking,especially as you ended up supporting them.

    The only good news I can give is that your luck must turn ,and just as much of your trouble has come out of the blue , then hopefully you will get some pleasant surprises. I'm afraid I don't know what copd and rls are but obviously you are in touch with your GP . I would make sure you tell him of all these problems as I would have thought that there must be some extra help you should be getting and are entitled to.

    Most of us would feel overwhelmed in these circumstances but the courage you've shown so far in surviving these problems will keep you going until your luck turns . I'm sorry I can't give any practical advice as to what help you are entitled to but others on this site are more in touch with sources of real practical help so hang in there as I'm sure someone will give more practical advice.

    Until then I can only wish you well and hope that the next thing to arrive out of the blue is some good news.


  • Dear Olderal, Thank you for taking the time to encourage me. No one can fix my problems bur me, but sometimes a person can gets so worn down. I am. Thank you for caring.

  • Olderal copd is short for chronic obstructive lung disease. It is usually caused by smoking but not always. It is a progressive disease but can be held at bay for a long time if you lead a healthy lifestyle. Not sure what rls is though? Restrictive lung something? Bev x

  • Hi Bev,

    I think rls is restless leg syndrome ?

    There is a sister forum here on healthunlocked for this. I do get some of this - side effect of neuro stuff in my case.

    Hope you are keeping well,

    Angela x

  • Hi did you know there is a site on here for lung sufferers called British Lung Foundation? I have it too but fortunately only mild and am on it. To find it click on 'My communities' at the top and go into browse other communities. Type it in and will come up. It's a very good site with some great people on it. Bev x

  • You have gone through a lot and survived. Please give yoursel a pat on the back. Don't get down. Things have a way of working out. Reach out to people for help and if you go to church, they can give you support. God never never gives us more than we can handle. He is with you. Lean on him. Pray and maybe even join a prayer group. 70 is young. You will get through all your medical issues and live for a long time. You will feel better. Have faith and reach out to friends and family. You still have your son. No matter what our children do or go through, we love them. With counseling and medication, he will improve. Pray for him. There are organizations that can help you. Ask your doctor or church about getting help to deal with financial issues regarding your health. I will put you on my prayer list.

  • Dear Maggie91, How very kind you are. Your words of encouragement really touched me. I am feeling old and tired. You make me think that there is still hope for me to have a full life. You have a wonderful way with words. Blessings.

  • We do have a long life ahead of us. People live to be 100. We are like fine wine. We get better as we age. We have so much to offer, Our wisdom and life experiences . Be strong and stay positive. Be happy

  • Hello you two youngsters. I'm 76 but in my head I'm 26. The thing is to concentrate on the advantagess of being a senior. No rushing out to work every morning. No being ordered what to do or not do. No pangs of unrequited love. No fear of pregnancy. No monthly curse. No worrying about your kids' grades. No limits on when you take that holiday. No soft pedalling for other people's benefit etc etc. xx.

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