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Post viral labyrinthitis

I was diagnosed with this last week after I had been feeling off balance for a few days. For the past two months I have had severe depression, anxiety, dry eyes, dry mouth. This did follow a cold virus I had so the diagnosis makes sense.

The thing is the off balance feeling appears to be mild-moderate compared to some other peoples experiences I have read, and mine is quite infrequent. My major problem at the moment is the severe depression and anxiety, increased fatigue(i already have CFS). Today I have been feeling very depressed but only felt slightly off balance a couple of times today. I wonder if theres something more to it than the post viral labyrinthitis or maybe I just exhibit symptoms differently.

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I suffer from problems with my ears cause by PSA. Skin flakes off in my ear canal and I get dizzy and a little deaf, until I can clean out the ear. The problem in my case my hearing becomes worse and I do not notice it. Hazel sometimes knows as I keep turning up the volume of the TV or I start becoming dizzy and keep falling back on myself, can be bad on stairs and that can be made worse when I loose problems with my legs as my condition makes me worse as my legs can be weak when walking.



Hi Wesley,

I have a recurrent problem with Positional Vertigo ( changes in head position ), which seems to coincide with Seasonal asthma ( allergy to pollen and funghi spores ). It is linked to sinus inflammation during these times of year. It can vary in intensity but is generally 2 months before completely cleared. I often feel more fuzzy brained and fatigued during these flare ups.

I use my stick to have some support if the vertigo hits are severe ( and try not to move my head around too much if I can remember ! )

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Kind regards, Angela x


Hey did this ever get better for you? I am 2 months in and got a virus that affected my ears and have not been the same ever since, lots of anxiety and depression and not feeling like myself at all. Hoping that you had relief from this ? How long did it take ?


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